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Fallout 4's ultimate showdown is about to go down. 20,000 combat-trained robots are about to go up against every other faction in the commonwealth! Watch as each and every single faction fights to the death in this Fallout 4 Battle Royale!

An army of Snyths and Assaultron robots are marching on the commonwealth with just the one objective- to exterminate and eradicate life. All factions that reside on the surface in the Commonwealth have joined forces ahead of the invasion. Who would have thought we would see the Railroad fighting alongside the Brotherhood, or the Raiders stood shoulder to shoulder with the Minutemen?

I guess when humanity is facing total annihilation (seems to happen a lot around here), all bets are off. The enemy, of my enemy, is my friend right?

Fallout 4 fanatics, Cosmic Contrarian have ploughed in over 120 hours to produce this video. Pitting all the various factions against the unrelenting robot horde, the video is a whopping 25minutes long and is pretty much non-stop action.

Watch as multiple Vertibirds circle the robotic horde cutting them down with relentless minigun fire and witness as the minutemen make their final stand, stood in the shadow of their heavy artillery.

A battle for humanity, paid for solely with human life - almost. As we near the end of the video, it seems that the commonwealth's last line of defence, the Brotherhood of Steel, is close to cracking. The waves of synthetics are unrelenting, it seems that for every robot the Brotherhood eradicate, 20 more appear. It is now time to fight fire with fire - the ground shakes as a colossal Liberty Prime steps into the fray to save the day, but are the Prime's intentions good?

This is one of those battles you just can not take your eyes off - place your bets now!

Whoa! I have never seen so many severed limbs flying across the screen. What an epic battle - a real labour of love from the wonderful people at Cosmic Contrarian. If you enjoyed this battle of the factions, you will be pleased to know that there are many more Fallout 4 head to heads on their YouTube page.

Fallout 4 is a monster of a game itself; I have not been this entertained by one game for years. Content, content, content and on top of that, epic battles like the one you see above. And, the community that produces these videos is just awesome. There is never a dull moment when it comes to Fallout chatter - Fallout 4 fans, you rock - we want more!


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