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I've been obsessed with Batman since I was a toddler. I'm not sure why I took to him so strongly but he was role model on how to be strong.
Niki Schneider

There are so many things I’m excited for and worried for when it comes to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. So I thought I’d make a fun little list, not too much ranting….promise.

The Excited Part:

Jefferson & Martin combined into Firestorm.
Jefferson & Martin combined into Firestorm.

1. Firestorm I’ve always loved Firestorm’s duel characters in Dr. Stein and Ronnie. I even didn’t mind Ronnie’s replacement, Jefferson Jackson, after a little warming up to the idea. I always look forward to having Victor Garber on the screen. It’s nice to get some older life view in relatively young casted shows. Weird how an older gentleman can be refreshing?

2. Hawkgirl and Hawkman I was really worried when Hawkgirl was announced to join the Arrowverse because she’s always been my favorite DC heroine. I loved her Thanagarian rough edges and the way she kicked serious ass with her Nth metal mace. I’m glad though that my worries were unneeded and that Ciara Renée could bring justice to the character; even if it was the Golden Age Hawkgirl and not my beloved Silver Age version. I even really enjoyed her chemistry with Hawkman, Carter Hall. So much so that I was really torn trying to feel sorry for Cisco’s loss of his new girlfriend and cheering on the love between Chay-Ara, or Sandra rather, and Carter.

3. Ray Palmer/Atom – Another actor that has really redeemed himself from his terrible Superman Returns days. Brandon Routh has really shined as Atom, so much so that I was totally rooting for an Atom spin off show before I heard DCLoT was happening. He’s smart and goofy and brings some much needed humor to shows that are in danger of taking themselves too seriously COUGHARROWCOUGH.

4. Captain Cold – I’ve pretty much been in love with Wentworth Miller’s portrayal of CC since the second he came on screen. My little Prison Break heart was also warmed by Dominic Purcell being cast as Heat Wave. Once again though I feel like Miller is greatly out staging Purcell’s acting chops, which is fine by me since I’d rather have more Cold screen time.

5. Rip Hunter – This is quite possibly what I’m most excited for; Arthur Darvill back in my life and as a time traveler no doubt! I don’t think anything in a fandom has ripped (haha!) quite as big of a hole in my heart as the departure of Rory and Amelia Pond on Doctor Who. Rory, Arthur Davill’s character for all you blasphemer non-Whovians, was one of my favorite parts of Doctor Eleven’s time and I’m glad that kind of acting caliber is being brought to DCLoT. I think the time traveling will bring an awesome element to the show and as us Whovians know…Arthur knows his way around a time machine

The Worried Part:

1. Captain Cold/Heat Wave – While I love everything about these two I am worried that making them antiheroes will stray a little too far from their origin. Cold is, after all, one of Flash’s biggest enemies nine times out of ten. They’re supposed to be villains that you know you’re not supposed to cheer for but you kinda do anyways. I just hope that they don’t go too far with making them both out to be heroes.

2. White Canary – I can’t really put my finger on why I hate Sarah Lance. It could be the overacting, could be the fact that she boned her sister's boyfriend, or it could be just her permanent duck-face; I’m not sure. It was one of those things where you just kind of hate someone the first time you see them without any real reason. Her character has always bugged the crap out of me and I was honestly super happy when she died. I also was really mad when she was comic booked back to life through a bunch of bs. I mean her body would have been corpse soup in that crappy box after six months. Trust me, I looked it up. Plus the storyline of bringing her back from the dead basically set Laurel back about ten paces in all the growth she’d done. Ok, breathe Niki, you said no ranting. Moving on!

3. …

Well…that’s really all I have for worries. From what the trailer shows us I feel like this show will be pretty awesome. I was worried how it would tie in with Arrow and Flash but the time traveling to fight Vandal Savage is an awesome idea. I give major kudos to the show runners of the Arrowverse because as badly as they’re fumbling with Arrow itself, they’re hitting the target with Flash and DCLoT.

Let me know in the comments what you’re excited for or what you’re most worried about.


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