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Usually, my reviews contain spoilers (and lots of pictures, but MP is being very bad with the picture situation), but I'm going to try my damnedest to make this a non-spoiler review. It'll be shorter, but Spoiler-free.

Hello. Today (a couple of hours ago) I saw

Batman: Bad Blood

for the first time.

As you know, the DCAU (DC Animated Universe) has had amazing movies like 'Under the Red Hood', good movies like 'Batman vs Robin' and a bit disappointing ones like 'Son of Batman'.

This one, if you haven't glanced at the score, is one of the good ones.

It's not perfect, but it's not even close to being bad. Hell, I'll even go as to say it was a GREAT movie.

I would usually want to break down EVERY character in this movie, but there were so many that it would take me hours to write this review. So what I've decided to do is go over my Top 5 impressions of this movie WITHOUT spoiling anything in the process (at least try :D )

#1 - Batman isn't the focal point this movie

Now it's already know that Batman is gone in this movie and the gang are out to find out what happened to him.

In most of the animated Batman movies, it's always been about the development of Batman and him growing out of the old Batman we know and getting more of his New 52 shoes.

This time, it's not that. This time, it's all about the Bat Family.

Dick Grayons/Nightwing - Forced in to playing to role of Batman in Bruce's abstinence.
Damian Wayne/Robin - A son, worried for his father, realizing feelings he never expected to have within him.
Kate Kane/Batwoman - A woman, saved by Batman, inspired by Batman.
Luke Fox/Batwing - Son of Lucius Fox, decided to join the Bat Family on their crusade.

And a little surprise that you might either get very excited about or very bummed out by.

Each individual character had their own mini arc in the movie and it didn't drive the narrative away, but rather derived more from it.

I was never a fan of Batwoman, but after this, I'm more interested in her, for sure.

One quote that stood with me was: "Justice, not vengeance. Justice, not vengeance."

#2 - The Gallery of Villains

Now there is NO WAY I can't get in to this without spoiling who's in it, but I'm just going to talk about them OVERALL and not pick them one by one.

The amount of villains in this movie that you might recognize is MENTAL.

There are at least 15 that you know for sure.

Some being created. Some already established.

I do have a problem with how SOME of them were handles and how many were actually killed off.

Most of them were already somewhat established, but felt like they had more stories to tell, but were killed off sadly.

It seems like in the DCAU, nobody is safe. NOBODY.

(I could really feel this anger building up in me as I would like to burst right now and express how much I didn't like the amount of dead villains and who they were in this movie.)

The Heretic was the supposed main villain of this movie and to put it to something as a comparison. He's pretty much the BANE (from TDK) of this movie. Hell... now that I think about it.... ahhh nevermind. (No Spoilers)

#3 - Alfred Matters

Finally, we get what we've always wanted. A chance for Alfred to shine and he did.
He had a pivotal role in all of this. He always did, but this time, you get to see how big of a baddass he is.

I just can't imagine this Batman every holding his morals and ideologist in check without this Father figure in his life.

#4 - Batman R.I.P + Batman Inc. + Something Original

The story itself is mainly to introduce the Bat family, but you can't, but feel a bit gigglish when you see some of your favorite comics being used and brought to the "big" screen in some sense. Sure, they are not full adaptations and they could've picked better moments from those comics, but for what we got, I'd say it worked.

And who's to say they won't reuse material from those comics in the future?

The DCAU is a universe that is EVER-EVOLVING and doesn't follow any direct canon.

It's the perfect universe, selecting beloved pieces from the comics and piecing them together for their amazing animated movies collection.

#5 What is to come?

As we know, we are about to get an adaptation of 'The Killing Joke', which will be RATED R, which is not yet confirmed to be canon to this universe. We also have on the way 'Justice League vs Titans', which IS confirmed to be canon.

The Killing Joke is one of my favorite stories, as it is to many others and I, as all those others, were very stoked to hear that they were going to do The Killing Joke, even if it's in Animated Form.

Having Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy return as The Joker and Batman makes me think that it won't be canon, since Batman is voiced by Jason O'mara in this universe, but I digress.

Now with an established Bat family, who knows what kind of adventures the DCAU Batman will embark on and I, for one, am very excited to see where it goes.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this movie is DIFFIDENTLY worth your time and money if you are a New 52 Batman fan and even more, a fan of the Bat Family.

I do hope you enjoyed my review of Batman: Bad Blood and let me know what you thought of it in the comment section.

Also, thank you, Batman music, for helping me write this :D

"Thanks for reading - Tw1s7"


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