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With the announcement of any new character from Marvel Comics entering the Cinematic Universe, there comes a lot of speculation about how closely they will resemble the comic book version. Such speculation has been rife lately surrounding the second season of Marvel and Netflix's Daredevil.

While the first season of the hit show followed the comic book versions of characters such as Matt Murdock (Daredevil) and Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) very closely, it also brought something new and innovative to them. Daredevil is very much a comic book show, but it also has a gritty realism about it that merges the real world and the comic book one excellently. Now it seems like that unique style of development will be brought to even more famous Marvel characters, the main two being The Punisher and Elektra. While we have been finding out more about the way that the show will treat The Punisher lately, the first details are only now starting to emerge about Elektra.

Will Elektra Wear Her Iconic Costume?

Speaking at the Netflix TCA conference on Sunday, Elodie Yung, who will play the femme fatale in the show, said:

"There’s definitely a costume."

Which will drive fans of the character insane, as they have been hoping desperately that they would see Yung don the red costume Elektra is famous for.

The traditional look would be amazing to see on the show, and it looks like there has been a lot of careful thinking behind the character, as executive producer Doug Petrie points out:

"We’ve had a tremendous number of really thoughtful conversations about how to present this character - especially based on season one, where we were more successful than we’d ever hoped - in terms of the slow burn of the character being as iconic as the comic book fans hope."

"I mean, the short answer is: 'You’re gunna have to watch, but, we were very, very aware of it and, I think, what we were thinking - first and foremost - were two questions. One was what looks cool? How much do we love the comics and can we do that? And, then also, in terms of bringing Elodie in and her martial arts training - which is so evident in what she does and who she is as a character - what would you really fight in? What would protect you? And, also Elektra isn’t just about protection. She’s a little bit of a stylist, so we threw all that into the mix."

Elektra was previously played by Jennifer Garner.
Elektra was previously played by Jennifer Garner.

It certainly sounds like Elektra's arc will slowly transform and unfold, as Matt Murdock's did in Season 1. I love the fact that the showrunners also think practically about what is realistic to be wearing in these situations.

"Everybody" Gets Kick-Ass Costumes?

But there's even more, as the other executive producer, Marco Ramirez, added that:

"I was just gunna say, ‘cause of what Drew [Goddard] and Steven [S. DeKnight] did so well season one - and much to Marvel and Netflix’s credit - was allow them to ground the show and make it as gritty as possible."

"Anything like a comic book costume, to us, a fun part of the challenge is making it organically feel part of the world or the tapestry of the world that makes it seem like season one. So, will people be wearing kick ass costumes in this show? Yes. Yes, everybody does - we promise! But, that said, we wanted to make it feel as organic and grounded as possible."

So that means that it won't just be Elektra and Daredevil wearing costumes? But who else could we see donning a traditional comic book look in the show?

That's right! While not really a costume as such, the skull shirt is an iconic part of the Punisher's look, and it seems like we could see him putting that on if Ramirez is true to his word!

Elodie Yung Says Elektra Is A WHAT?!

But back to Elektra, Yung had more to say about what she personally felt the character should be:

"[W]hat I tried to capture by reading the comics is I wanted to keep the coldness and we had a conversation - that Elektra has - and we conversations at length with Doug [Petrie] and Marco [Ramirez] (showrunners of Daredevil),"

"We think Elektra is, kind of, a sociopath, you know?"

"This world is a game for me - it’s like a chess game - and what motivates her is what she wants. She will use anything she needs to use to get to her goal and if she needs to kill people, she would, you know? She has this coldness and this sociopath in her and I tried to keep that, really."

"[O]n the other hand, we wanted to create a character with different layers and, I think, Elektra isn’t a bad person, she’s not a good person. She’s a person with different traits, with layers and she’s seeking for who she is, so really, in this season, there’s an arch to her story and, hopefully, she will find out who she is really by the end of it."

There are quite a few interesting comments in there —firstly, Elektra is a sociopath?

Yes, that kind of sociopath. It seems weird to say Elektra is one, but I think it'll provide an interesting dynamic for the character, especially regarding her relationship with Matt. Also, it seems there will be a lot of exploration into the character this season, and we will probably see flashbacks to help with this. It should be interesting to see how the show handles her story, and I am really looking forward to the costume!

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