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So I saw the latest clip the other day from the Conan show of Batman vs Superman and to be honest I really enjoyed it. What I got from it is that Zack Snyder seems to be staying true to the mythos of both characters while flavoring things up a bit particularly with Superman. One of the biggest criticisms I've heard about Superman is that he is to much of a boy scout and doesn't have enough attitude because he is to self - righteous. I don't exactly agree with that I don't think Superman is self righteous just someone who was always trying his best to do the right thing. Now for those of you who may not know exactly what I'm talking about I advise you to look up the BVS Conan clip on Youtube.

The encounter

In the clip Batman is driving his Batmobile from what seems to be a crime scene and all of a sudden he runs into Superman out of nowhere. Some people seem to think that Batman was trying to run Superman purposely over but to me he really was just trying to make a split from whatever happened before hand in the scene and just happened to run into the Man of Steel unexpectedly. If you really pay attention to the clip, as soon as Batman saw Superman show up in his head lights he tried to quickly turn the Batmobile to keep from hitting him because Superman's appearance caught him off guard. The Batmobile then bounces off of big blue and swings into a building with Supes of course not having a single scratch from the impact. Superman politely walks over, rips the doors off the Batmobile, and basically tells Batman to stay his old behind home next time because now that Superman is on the scene the world including Gotham city doesn't need Batman anymore. Superman also gives the impression that the only reason he hasn't already squashed Batman like a bug is because he was extending him mercy. I don't recall seeing that kind of an attitude from Superman before but how does the Dark Knight respond to this? Well Batman (unimpressed), stands up a tells big blue the now famous line "Tell me do you bleed"? Superman as he's getting ready to fly off looks at Bats like he's crazy and then flies off not even bothering to answer. As Supes is continuing to fly off Bats looks up at him and utters the rest of the line "you will" the clip then ends.

The Verdict

I love how this clip showcases' the the clash of egos between these two legendary characters. We really get to see the context of when and where Batman actually says that great phrase and what's going to lead to him and the Man of Steel's epic battle. While I appreciate what Superman basically stands for truth, justice and the fact that humans can become something great when they are at their best' I did always feel that Superman's character did need a bit of an edge. Snyder seems to be doing exactly that and is really looking to define his own version of the character with Henry Cavil. From what I see so far he is doing a pretty good job because while Cavil's Superman is still ultimately a good person of course he is also a don't play with me type. Grace Randolph from Beyond the Trailer eluded to this when she mentioned the equally cool line Superman uttered in the second trailer of the marketing campaign where he said "Stay down if I wanted it you would be dead already". When you think about it, he is pretty much saying the truth. Superman has godlike abilities, a mere mortal would have to be out of his everlasting mind to challenge him. However; that is exactly what Batman is because unlike Superman deep down inside Batman is not a good person and is missing a few marbles. He does not care who or what Superman is he bows to no one. To me that makes both characters cool in their own right and for Superman this whole angrier no fun and games persona may just be the better route to go in with this modern incarnation. Even though I have always been a fan of both characters for different reasons this edgier Superman has been a long time coming. Tell me what you guys think let me know in the comments. Based on everything I've seen with the marketing campaign as a whole, I think this movie will indeed be great.


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