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12. Jason X

Awful entry in my second favorite horror franchise of all time. Kane Hodder makes his last performance and he's good in the movie , but not enough to save it. Jason looks awful in this movie to where he doesn't even look like Jason. The acting and characters are atrocious. I can only imagine what made them think people wanted a Jason in space movie because this is awful. And it's a shame that this was Kane Hodder's last performance as Jason in a movie that is just unwatchable.

11. Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

We wanted to see Jason on the streets of New York hacking people up and we got the exact opposite. This was marketing as Jason Takes Manhattan, yet he's on a boat for almost 2 hours of this movie. And when he finally gets to New York the result is disappointing. Jason looks terrible in this. The markup effects for Jason in part 7 are so good that when you watch this you're just thinking what the hell happened. And the ending is the most retarded thing ever that make no sense. You'll actually have to see it to believe that it's actually in a Friday The 13th movie. But it's when they're all trying to escape Jason in the sewer. This movie is just plain stupid and a big disappointment.

10. Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Jason is not the killer. That's the twist at the end of this thing. And people say that they were just trying to be original, but originality is when you have a new idea, this was just lazy writing. We already had a movie without Jason and that was the first one, we didn't need another without Jason. The characters in this are just so annoying and you actually want the killer to kill them all. The killer literally just kills random people in this, like he'll just go to a random place that is so far off from where he needs to be and kill someone just for the body count. I do like the look of the killer. The hockey mask is actually one of my favorite masks in the franchise. But that's all, it's just a very bland entry.

9. Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday

I think this movie is highly underrated. I really enjoy this film. The concept is very fresh and was well need to this franchise. Even know you only see him at the beginning and end of the movie, Jason looks awesome and is one of my favorite looks for him. The story is ridiculous and is nothing to take seriously. I highly recommend Jason Goes To Hell.

8. Freddy Vs Jason

This is the movie that everyone was waiting to see and in 2003 they finally got it. This is awesome. Robert Englund returns as Freddy and is great as usual. Jason is a bad ass in this movie and actually kills more people than Freddy. The acting is laughable and hilarious to watch, but it's not a problem because this movie is supposed to just be cheesy fun and it succeeds.

7. Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

This marks Jason's return to the franchise after he was no where to be found in part 5. A real step up from its lack luster predecessor. Jason is awesome in this and creates one of the highest body counts in the franchise ( the highest is in Jason Goes To Hell and Jason X, I forgot to mention that).This is also the final appearance of fan favorite Tommy Jarvis who is again played by a different actor. The kills are all violent and brutal and awesome. This is an amazing come back to the franchise.

6. Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood

This one is definitely the best of the second quadrilogy. It has great performances by everyone. They made what could've been a ridiculous plot and fit it in perfectly. This is Kane Hodder's first appearance as Jason and this is probably his best performance as him. Jason also looks amazing without the mask and it would've been nice to see those same makeup effects on him in part 8. And the kills are amazing to. Part 7 is a fun and awesome entryband I highly recommend it.

5. Friday The 13th Part 3

Kicking off my top 5 goes to the 3rd entry. Even know it's the weakest of the original quadrilogy it's still a very strong film. Richard Brooker appears in this film as the masked killer himself and is amazing. Jason also gets his hockey mask in this film and it created an icon from there. Of course it's an 80's 3D film so there's things in this film that are trying to play off the 3D gimic. Definitely watch it in 2D though if you don't want a throbbing headache by the end of the movie.

4. Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

Of course the title is very wrong because this is far from being the final chapter. This could've been an awesome conclusion to the franchise and in most ways I wish they didn't continue with the franchise after this. The ending was awesome with Tommy Jarvis stabbing Jason repeatedly killing him. The characters are all very relatable and seem a bit more relatable than in the previous installments. Jason is of course a bad ass in this film. And this could've been an awesome conclusion to the franchise.

3. Friday The 13th (2009)

This is actually a really good remake. It's very original and feels completely different from the original because this is actually a remake of the original four films. They just took different things from the first four Movies and put them in this. In fact, only the first 2 mins of this movie is a remake of the first film, the next 15 mins is a remake of part 2, and the last 1h 20min is parts 3 and 4 mixed together. They did that brilliantly. And this is probably one of the best remakes I have ever seen.

2. Friday The 13th Part 2

This was an incredible sequel. It probably feels the most like the original. Of course this marks Jason's first appearance as the killer in the franchise. Jason looks awesome and this is in fact my favorite Jason look. The look is clearly taken off of The Town That Dreaded Sundown, but with a few changes. I just think a sack mask looks a lot more Creepy than a hockey mask even know I do love the hockey mask. This does have the lowest kill count in the franchise, but they're awesome. Ginny is probably the best final girl in the franchise along with Alice. A must watch Friday The 13th film.

1. Friday The 13th

This film has always been my favorite Friday The 13th film and one of my all time favorite horror films. It's an absolute classic and every Horror fan has seen it. The tone is very real and very creep and you get a sense of isolation. The end of the film when the killer is revealed is so shocking because your thinking maybe it's one of the counselors or even crazy Ralph, but the killer was Pamela Voorhees who in my opinion is way more iconic than Jason and is better than Jason. Alice is a great final girl and is very strong to the end. And that ending is amazing where it leaves you to believe is young Jason Voorhees actually did pull Alice into the lake or not. This film is a masterpiece and is a must watch for all horror fans.


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