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Unlike his villainous counterpart he portrayed in The Amazing Spider-man 2, 48-year-old actor Jamie Foxx has become a real life hero after a vehicle crashed near his house in Los Angeles.

Police say that last night, a Toyota Tacoma driven by 32-year-old Brett Kyle hit a drainage ditch, which caused the truck to roll several times and catch on fire. In a press release, police stated, "Two witnesses that were near the collision scene ran to the burning, overturned truck in an attempt to free the driver."

While police have not yet said whether or not Foxx assisted in the rescue, a rep for the actor has confirmed the news.

"Jamie didn’t hesitate. He jumped out and ran to the car."

The driver of the vehicle was transported to a nearby hospital where he was treated for severe injuries to his head, neck, chest and waist. He was later arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Foxx at 73rd Golden Globes (J Merritt Getty Images)
Foxx at 73rd Golden Globes (J Merritt Getty Images)

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