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Josh Duncan

With most of my personal favourite shows returning this week two of which air tonight (Agent carter and Flash.) I thought that it would be a good idea to look at story lines for new episodes, new characters and an explanation of Legends of Tomorrow. Okay lets start with Agent carter not much has gone on with this, we have been given a couple of trailers and extra pieces of footage but no big release although we have seen Bernard Stark, Howard Stark's new house pet. I'm not sure what this character entails as I do not recall seeing him in any comics. I'm guessing that he is just in the series for marvels trademark comedy aspects. I look at the last season and don't see much room for improvement I guess that is because they have only 8 episodes and a full season budget.

Moving swiftly onto Flash, it looks like this episode the focus will be on Barry deciding whether or not to tell Patty about him being the Flash with Dr. Wells saying not to as Zoom will use her against him and Iris explaining that if he wants a relationship with her, she needs to know. In the trailer we see footage of Zoom taking Patty (I think) which will probably mean he does tell her.

Okay I will end this here thanks for reading and I will post about arrow and Legends of Tomorrow after my reviews of Flash and Agent Carter.


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