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Now this quiz is going to get you thinking into tough questions the real answers are at the bottom so don't cheat

(number one) why did John Kramer start his work?

(number two) in saw 4 why did Jigsaw go through an autopsy?

number three) what was the first trap in saw six?

(number four) what was Adams from saw one real name in the acting?

(number five) who was the saw star?

(number six) who were the three Jigsaws apprentices?

(number seven) why did Mark Hoffman kill Seth in saw five?


(1) John started his work after he lost his child

(2) in saw four Jigsaw went through an autopsy because there was a hidden tape in his stomach

(3) the first trap in saw six was the flesh scale trap

(4) Adams real name was Leigh Whannell

(5) the saw star was Shawnee smith

(6) the three apprentices were Dr Gordon Mark Hoffman and Amanda Young

(7) Mark killed Seth because Seth killed Marks sister

Hope you enjoyed!


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