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5. Prisonbreak

The show that imprisoned our attention and took us on a manhunt across the Americas, where the word “freedom” is hardly what it promises. Trapped in an endless conspiracy chain, brothers Michael Scholfield (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) must muddle through the deceit and outsmart the most powerful figures in the nations. However, keeping up with all the conspiracies is a little difficult. The characters are so deep in the deceit that we come back a little confused too, so revisiting it will make it easier to absorb. Still, it was a great show full of hardships and nail-biting suspense, with its revival coming to Fox later this year.


Praised for its character growth and science-fiction subplots, this show is the best to stay up and binge-watch on Netflix. Stranded on an island set aside from laws of nature, anything can happen and it proved just that with twists that gave us a gut punch and had us fixed on the following episode. However, I say that it suffers the same fault as Prisonbreak, where too much is going on to be able to piece it all together upon first viewing.

Still, I have not witnessed any show appeal to so many genres as LOST. There is love, science, and the most surreal experiences all waiting to keep you hooked on their island.

3. The Walking Dead

Seriously, if you haven't already, join the club. It's not marketing, it's not a trend of what's “hip”, it's not senseless flesh-eating gore (though that is a perk), it's humanity and dehumanization AT ITS FINEST. The morals and ethics of the human soul are exhausted beyond belief. Survival is just as gruesome as death, and nobody knows it better than hardened ex-sheriff, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who leads his people away from countless villains and dangers at whatever cost is necessary. A quote from the show to give you guys some insight:

“Have you ever been covered in so much blood that you don't know if it's yours, your friend's, or the deads’?” - Michonne (Danai Gurira)

The second half of Season 6 resumes February 14th on AMC.

2. Game of Thrones

The most unpredictable show to hit television. Death and tragedy run rampant under the shadow of greed and deception. Just when you think nothing is certain but death, the dead come back as winter warrior zombies, and what can stop said zombies? DRAGONS. Could it be anymore badass? Absolutely. Tune in on April 24th for the season 6 premiere.

Based on the best selling books by George Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire), live the warm seasons of triumph and cringe before the cold season of tragedy An award winning cast and crew have brought a masterpiece to television that will drive a sword straight into your gut. (yeah, it’s that hardcore)

For one iron throne, kings will rise or fall, conquer or die, all while protecting the realm from brooding dangers that lay beyond a wall that breaks the sky.

1. Breaking Bad

YEAH, SCIENCE! This show takes the number one spot for how real it is. One man, doomed to die from lung cancer, rises from his fate and becomes the most powerful drug kingpin in the Americas; the one and only Walter Hartwell White (Bryan Cranson) aka HEISENBERG.

Why is Walter White so great? Because WE ARE Walter White. Our own human desperation and ambition is portrayed by this man's journey and his success is all we could ever dream of! He's the most relatable man on television because he's the figure, the symbol, that inspires us to be bold and break the chains of our comfort zone and acknowledge our potential.

The script is both written and executed perfectly in every episode. Not a scene nor second is wasted in the 5 season record-breaking show. Every detail is so precise that you feel the weight of every emotion of every character in the show. The writing is so professional and full of power that the words ooze down your spine and echo in your mind for weeks.

THIS is the show to revisit and rewatch. Have an internal conversation with Walter White, dare to be like Heisenberg. Seek the beautiful details and their elements and give them praise they deserve.

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