ByDaniel Tanaka, writer at

We've heard few Theories Snoke being Darth Plagueis. I disagree, why would a powerful Sith lord such as Plagueis, after being betrayed and killed by his understudy. Wait Almost 70 - 90yrs to come back and hide his indentity? Why wouldn't he comeback when The emperor did all the work and conquered the galaxy, all but eradicated the jedi, and ended the Republic?Truly show his power and take his proper place? That not even a sneaky planned attack on his life in his sleep couldn't work. Before Episode 7, my youngest daughter watch the cartoon Star wars rebels. In this cartoon are Grand inquitors seen above. They where trained wit force powers and saber skills to hunt down Jedi who survived Order 66. One in particular looks a lot like Snoke who must had a tough time wit a Jedi. This would explain no sith ties also how the remnants of the Empire or first order has someone wit force ability. If such inquisitiors was around it would take no time for with Vader and Palpatine gone to rise to power. But we will learn soon enough or not soon enough... I wish we could see Snoke saber... if it mimics the cool double bladed saber with the force dish... I may be on to something.


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