ByRené Schwarz, writer at

In a bizarre twist of the knife, it should come as no surprise that mainstream media does not pick up on just how "white" the Academy Awards has always been since its 1929 inception. First hosted by Douglas Fairbanks, a co-founder of United Artists and eager to create a promotional vehicle for his fledgling picture company, the Oscars have used visible minorities as tokens to attract a wider consumer base for the number one export of the United States. Although the "Foreign Press" sounds exotic it is basically made up of long-time residents of Hollywood paid on a retainer as "journalists" who are wined and dined by hopeful winners. So desperate are some producers that they offer the nominee-deciders some strange perks. One example being a hand-made ukuleles sent as a For Your Consideration gift from the producers of "The Descendants". To think that this year is especially "white" is a little naive. Nothing in Tinseltown is as it seems. It's part of the charm of Hollywood. We all love to hate that part of it. And there is little doubt that Chris Rock will deliver some of those sentiments just as the friendly white Oscar Awards scriptwriter Dave Boone has written them.


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