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If you're as much of a Pixar fanatic as I am, you'll know that Pixar has a tradition of hiding many easter eggs in their films. For example, the Pizza Planet Truck has appeared in every Pixar movie except The Incredibles.

They also put in a Luxo ball in many of their movies.

But the easter egg that they hide in their movies most often is A113. I mean, that code has appeared on a camera in Finding Nemo:

The TV in Ratatouille:

The courtroom number in Up:

And this easter egg isn't just limited to Pixar. It has also appeared in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:

And South Park:

The Good Dinosaur director, Peter Sohn, has confirmed that all those easter eggs are in there but they are very hard to find.

But thanks to the internet, A113 has now been found.

In one of the beginning scenes, we see that it is Arlo's job to feed the chickens. He is nervous about this and when he is walking in, we can see that A113 has been cleverly hidden in the fence.

And maybe, JUST maybe, we have found the Pizza Planet truck.

Look between the bushes on the left
Look between the bushes on the left

So that's all I have today.


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