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(SPOILERS: This has spoilers for Batman: Assault on Arkham and potential spoilers for Suicide Squad.)

Today the new Suicide Squad poster was released, and it is pretty awesome.

It shows the whole squad in the front and Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) as well as The Joker (Jared Leto). There have been many rumors as to what part The Joker plays in Suicide Squad and I believe that this poster has given us a answer.

Leto has been spotted already once filming a scene with Margot Robbie who plays Harleen Quinzel who becomes the crazy psychopath, Harley Quinn.

So what if The Joker has a scene with a bit of a backstory. This would explain the photos of him with Harleen Quinzel and the footage from the first trailer which shows him attacking her.

But I also believe that he might be the main villian. However I believe it will end up being a reveal at the climax. Here are my two theories of what might end up happening:

He is Working Behind the Scenes

I believe he might be behind whatever the Suicide Squad has to stop. Only at the climax is that revealed, and they end up having to fight him, which could explain how Batman is going to be dragged into this.

He Escapes Arkham and Captures Them

My other theory is similar to Batman: Assault on Arkham. In Assault on Arkham, when Harley Quinn is entering the jail with Deadshot, she sees the Joker and grabs a gun from Deadshot and shoots at his cell due to him taunting her. Because at the time she is in a relationship with Deadshot and has left The Joker. (This has been rumored to be in the movie after a photo shows Harley Quinn in Deadshot's arms.) This leads to his escape where he then kidnaps the Suicide Squad. So what if something similar happens in the movie. Maybe he escapes and wants revenge on Harley and Deadshot or anyone for that matter. It could definitely add to the plot and as I said in my previous theory, could explain Batman being in the movie!

Thanks for reading, and tell me in the comments, do you agree with these theories, or do you have a theory of your own?


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