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Baldwin Collins

Being a Espionage Fan. This film really appealed to me. The story set in the period of (1957) Rudolf Abel retrieves a secret Message under a park Bench. Goes home with it, after opening and reading it's contents, F B I Government Agents burst into his room. The agents obviously been watching him for sometime, demands answers from Abel to they're Questions.

Rudolf Abel cleverly destroys the Message in front of them with out them realizing it. But unfortunately for him, other evidence inside the apartment leads to his arrest. and prosecuted as a soviet spy. However James Donovan ( Tom Hanks) a lawyer who only deals in insurance settlements, is asked by his senior partners to take on Abel's Defence case.

The united States Government Believe's Abel Rudolf's is a K G B Agent, James Donovan is met with serious objection by his family and the Public for defending Abel. Abel is Found guilty on all charges but Donovan convinces the Judge to sentence Abel to 30 years imprisonment instead of an Execution.

However, During all this. Francis Gary powers, a u .s pilot is on a U-2 spy plane Mission over Russia when he's shot Down and Captured over Enemy lines, Convicted and subjected to interrogation. During that another American, Frederick Pryor an Economics Graduate Student, visits his German Girlfriend in East Berlin. just as the Berlin Wall is Being Built. Pryor tries to sneak her Back into West Berlin But is Stopped by Border patrol Guards.

And arrested as a Spy. what makes this story so unique, is James Donovan's key Role, he Ends up Being the Main Negotiator for the two Americans exchange release for Abel Rudolf. being just an ordinary insurance Lawyer, Can James Donovan make a Successful negotiation Exchange ? In my opinion Great true to life Drama by director Steven Speilberg.

Nominated for 6 academy awards, including Best picture, Best supporting actor, Best original screenplay. British actor Mark Rylance who played Abel Rudolf is Nominated for Best supporting actor Award. Will he win ? only time will tell. ''BRIDGE OF SPIES'' a must see film.


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