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While The Flash prepares to travel to parallel universes when it returns this week, and Legends of Tomorrow gets ready to sprint throughout time as it begins, Arrow is staying very much grounded, albeit with a bit of magic around. The new trailer, released by Stephen Amell on his Facebook page, showcases what we should expect over the second half of the season, and it's pretty incredible! Check it out below!

I'm reeling a little bit, but let's see what can be spotted in all of that furious action!

Another Graveyard Tease!

We should be pretty used to this shot by now, and with countless ideas about who is in the grave, at this point I don't know how it can be a major surprise.

Thea In Hospital!

This isn't the person we expecting Oliver to be watching over in hospital, but it certainly is happening. What could leave Thea needing medical attention, and having Oliver so worried?

Felicity is Still in Danger Though!

And while it seems pretty certain by now that she won't die, it is still a serious and uncertain situation when we next see the team.

Laurel Gives Oliver A Good Talking Too!

And it seems like Oliver is being driven off the rails, leading to a confrontation with the only woman in his life not lying in a hospital.

Oliver is Torturing People??!

Damien Darhk has truly driven Oliver over the edge with this one. From what Laurel says, it seems that Oliver has been keeping a man hostage and torturing him for information about the HIVE leader.

The Team Has Been Kicking Some Ass!

We know from previous trailers that Thea is still in fighting shape when we return, but it may not stay that way for long. There are a whole lot of scenes throughout this trailer in which we see Oliver, Diggle, Laurel and Thea beating the Ghosts to pulps. Team Arrow is angry.

Then There's This Member of HIVE!

Ruve Adams, who seems to be a high ranking member of HIVE, is shown with Damien in this limo.

And She Is Running For Mayor!

That's right. She seems to be a means to an end for Darhk at the very least, as she will be challenging Oliver in the Mayor race. It's definitely going to cause some conflict.

And There's A Mayoral Debate!

Well it makes sense that if Oliver is being challenged in the campaign that there would be a debate. And it seems likely that Darhk would attack Oliver at it, which could be why he comes early as the Arrow to check it out.

Roy Is Back!

And looking very suspicious upon his return too. It seems like he may be undercover, and possibly won't start out on the side of Team Arrow? What has he been doing all this time? Could he have joined ARGUS as an agent? Or has he somehow been brainwashed by Darhk?

Thea Tries To Commit Suicide?!

Or at least it really looks like that is what's happening here. I'm guessing that Thea's blood lust will return with a vengeance, and she will be driven to attempting suicide. Oliver may not make this catch though, and she could fall and be left in the hospital in a near death state.

Lyla Is In Big Trouble!

Diggle and his brother (still in a cage) see on a monitor that Lyla is being threatened, and it certainly looks pretty convincing when the guy, who is pointing a gun at her chest, fires. Could this trailer really have just shown us the death of Diggle's wife? Almost certainly not, because the trailer would not show us that if it was actually going to happen. Just like they wouldn't make everything point towards the death of Felicity if it was actually happening.

Damien On A Rampage?

If these Ghosts are dead, without any arrows in their bodies, it seems possible that something made Damien very angry, and he went and killed several of his own men. That, or Oliver and Team Arrow beat them all up and left them unconscious. But not a single arrow fired?

The Coolest Sword Fight In History!?

As near as I can tell, this looks like Katana (who is back, yay!) dueling it out with Nyssa Al Ghul. Why are these two fighting? Who knows? But it is going to be a lot of fun finding out!

Thea And Roy Reunited!

This will be brilliant to see. Thea and Roy were always a great couple, and seeing them torn apart was terrible. I really hope they end up together, and this scene showing them reunited will bring all the tears, especially if Thea dies shortly after.

Is Diggle's Brother Dead!?

I mean, that IS Andy, right? And that IS an arrow sticking out of his chest, right? His death wouldn't have as great an impact with him already having been "dead" for so long, but if he redeemed himself shortly before it, then there could be a big impact on Diggle. Especially if he loses his wife and brother in a short space of time.

Oliver Doesn't Do Well Against Darhk!

Oliver going up against Darhk and ending up with his own arrow sticking out of him isn't a good sign, but the most interesting thing is the location. I can't tell where it is, but it has a kind of old and remote look about it. Could this be a HIVE headquarters?

Is Oliver Killing Himself Too?

Of course not. This is a flashback, and the most likely scenario is that Oliver is forced into something like Russian Roulette whilst on the Island. His hands are tied in this situation, quite literally, and there is no telling what the soldiers that now have him captured will do.


We already saw her earlier, but this is our best shot of Katana returning. It is quite a surprise, as the show already cut out their Suicide Squad and Deathstroke so that the DC Cinematic Universe could be the only ones using them, and Katana is a part of their upcoming Suicide Squad film. But this Katana is featured several times in the trailer, and we will hopefully see a lot of her!

Anarky Is Back!

This is the only quick shot we get of Anarky's return, and it looks like Oliver has just freed him for some reason. Could Lonnie be convinced to turn against Darhk?

Roy's Back In The Suit!

While this is absolutely fantastic to see again, it probably does mean that this scene takes place while Thea is in the hospital, leaving the suit empty for Roy to slip it back on. Still, great to see that Roy will be back with Team Arrow for some amount of time.

Felicity Flashbacks!

Not very surprising, with Felicity's evil father supposed to be coming in the latter half of this season, it makes sense that we would see more of her teenage years.

And Malcolm Being Hilarious To Top It All Off!

"I've been holding off telling you this for years Oliver. You're very handsome, not especially bright."

Is it just me, or is everyone thinking that John Barrowman probably wrote that line himself?

That's all there is guys! Arrow is back tomorrow, and how can you not be excited after seeing all that?

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