ByLynn White, writer at

When the movies started taking a darker turn, I was working at Border's Books and we had a poll going. I argued with co-workers that Snape was not evil like all believed. I can see how James is viewed as a villain. He picked on a boy, who already had issues of being awkward and an outcast among his peers and then he took away his only true friend, adding injury to insult. You could tell, from The Half-Blood Prince, that Snape had gotten to the point of being fed up with the bullying, in his younger years, by the spells he twisted to make those who offended him hurt, even if he never used them on his tormentors. I don't think Sirius or Remus would have let James get too far into his torment if it meant true harm, but they were just happy to be in the "in" crowd and not be outcasts, as well. I don't think Snape disliked Harry, truly. Only the fact that he looked like his father. I can see how he warred with himself because of that fact but I, also, see the good side winning because of Harry's eyes. Of course, we know from the movies, they were his mother's. I would have liked for J.K. to delve a little deeper into the younger James, Lily and Severus, but maybe she will soon? Might make for a good book.


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