ByChan Crockett, writer at

Ok, I've had Lego Dimensions since Oct 1st, 2015, and I would like to say- what a wonderful game! I also like how Lego won't release a completely new console pack and disk for the sequels, but make them available through an internet-based update. Nice, because the game already requires the Internet, and because I still use an Xbox One *tear* T_T

What I would like to see in the sequels:


  • Marvel. Marvel and DC are both Lego products and have worked together before.
  • Star Wars. With the already existing fan base for the original six episodes and the massive success of the Force Awakens, as well as the TV series's (I think that's plural) also the few force unleashed sets- they should definitely add this franchise to Lego Dimensions

Playable Characters:

  • Clara with motorcycle
  • Robin with motorcycle
  • Bilbo and ring
  • Deathstroke
  • Wheatley with potato GLaDOS
  • core head from the portal 2 world riding a box turret
  • An actual flying monkey :\
  • Glinda the good with her bubble
  • Obviously Marvel and Star Wars characters


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