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Cheryl Irvine

I remember going to my local cinema with my Aunty and her boyfriend, now husband, to see the 1st X-Files movie. I was excited, happy, anxious and fearful of what was to follow. Would it make it on the big screen? Would someone meet their demise?

I came out with butterflies in my belly, a smile from ear to ear and looking forward to what was coming next. They had done it. Action, aliens, cavemen and an almost 1st kiss.

Great story, great ending that would continue into the next season and Mulder and Scully at their best. What next though?

The series had its ups and downs after that and for me lost its way about season 8. When it closed its final case I was happy with how it ended but wondered about another movie.

'I want to believe' came out in 2008 and I was just as excited this time as I was in 1998 for 'Fight the future'. The duo were back and I expected great things.

I did enjoy the film but thought it was lacking in something. Scully seemed overly fed up and Mulder just seemed to be chasing anything to get out of bed. The story was ok and that was it. A few good bits and some shocks but certainly wasn't as good as the 1st.

So what about a 3rd movie? What would happen, would Mulder and Scully be back together on the X-Files and romantically?

We will just have to watch the new miniseries and see where it could go after, closing the doors on Dana and Fox isn't an option though.


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