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Jeffrey Ryan Porter

There is no denying this is a time of hero flicks. Throughout history we've had Superman, Batman, even some horrible marvel films before our time. What made it come back in the way it did, and how will it effect years to come?

I grew up, heartfelt into superheroes. There was not a hero I didn't want to be. I can thank Batman ('89), Superman and excellent cartoons like TMNT and X-men as a child. What did it teach me though? I am a down right preacher when it comes to such things. Superheroes are such an excellent source for people, not just children, to grow from and aspire to be. Does this have anything to do with the generational hero films filling our theaters now. I want to explain my sincere thoughts on it and how amazing a time were living in now.

Go back to when I was a child. I was Batman just about every year for Halloween, I wanted to help people, I wanted bad guys to be put in jail. Batman was and is still a huge part of my life. Sure, many people can say it's childish, how it's nerdy, but is it really such a bad thing to want in ones life? The qualities of good, and just. I speak Batman mostly because it's one of my personal idols. Superman, Iron Man, Spiderman, all of these are just as great. Seriously, there was so much I learned and instilled myself with. I believe that a generation that was raised on heroes is why this renaissance of film heroes is coming alive and will be for years to come. People who want to share their feeling of wonder and excitement with the world and not just with one or two characters but with universes of them. Some from comics people may have never heard of before, being brought to life on the big screen for a new generation of children to endear. Characters to help them decide right from wrong. Of course parents are suppose to raise them but with all the television and movies now what would you rather have them absorb? Superheroes or reality television? In my mind I learned right from wrong, just from injust and how to be a better person from superheroes! I have a particular quote I love to bring up from "Batman Begins"; "It's not who I am underneath... but what I do that defines me." My girlfriend and I recently just had our first child, a beautiful little girl and you can be sure as soon as she's ready she will hear that. What a statement. You could be the kindest, most caring person in the world but that doesn't mean a thing if you don't do anything. You could think about helping someone in need all you want but it doesn't matter unless you act. You think such a phrase would of come from Martin Luther King or Ghandi but instead came from none other then a superhero, Batman! Is that not something you would wish your children to hear? Let's switch from DC to Marvel and talk about Spiderman, or better Uncle Ben. Everyone knows the quote from 2002, "With great power comes great responsibility." If you have the ability, the power to do something, you do. Make it right, it's your obligation to.

Now with years upon years of set releases of upcoming hero films to be released you can imagine all of the lessons that will be released upon the audience. You might say the production companies are in it for the money, and that's a hard argument to make but are children really worried about how much Ant Man made are are they more interested in the power and responsibility of being a hero? We are a generation raised by superheros and it is our time to pass down our lessons. What we leave behind won't just be movies, or shows but a way to teach people how to be respectful, do your best and stand up for whats right. When someone is being bullied or picked on are we going to do whats right? Are we going to stand up and say something or simply put people down so as we aren't involved in the confrontation. Will we be a hero, or simply a thug, a villainous henchmen.

Our generation of heroes will leave behind ways to be a better person; a better worker, spouse, child, parent, anything. Superheroes teach us, even if it's not blatant or obvious, to be above our selves. This is what we leave behind.


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