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I absolutely love Battlefront. I actually bought a ps4 for the express purpose of Battlefront and have enjoyed it immensely but there are a few things that it could use to really make it an all star game. 1) More offline gameplay. Not trying to beat a dead horse because I know everyone's been saying it, but I really enjoy the offline content and would love to see more. I'd love to be able to play "survival" on every map that the online modes use. They're so rich and well made that it'd be great to outlast waves of Imperials throughout the various maps. 2) Probably my favorite fps of all time is Modern Warfare 2. One of the best things about it is the variation of weapons. You can find an Ak-47 with an acog scope, or one with a red dot sight or one with a shotgun attachment, one with a grenade launcher, etc. One gun becomes 6 or 7 variations which makes the game so much more diverse. I'm not sure how that would tie in with the Star card system (which I love) but it would certainly add to the depth of the game. 3) Along with that, I think it would be great to have the ability to pick up weapons on the battlefield after a friend or foe is killed. 4) My favorite gameplay online is "Turning Point". I just love the mechanics of it and would LOVE to see that on other maps, aka Hoth as the rebels try to hold off the Imperial assault. (also maybe we could tie in the whole tow cable taking out At-At walkers since we only get a glimpse of that idea in the intro offline training). 5) I heard a rumor that there could be an offline version of the online gameplay with the various game types being filled with A.I. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!

All in all, EA Dice really nailed it! Awesome job down to every detail. I don't regret for a moment buying a ps4 just for this game because it is beautiful and fun. Now if you could find a way to convince all the Battlefront wives (or widows) to understand just how important playing this game is, we'd all be the better for it!


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