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Well, let me start off by saying that I have only seen the trailers, as those are the only footage available, and the film itself is yet to be released. However, already I am excited and erupting to my brim with an excited anticipation. I have always been a fan of the Egyptian Mythos. Now it's here and ready to go, but at the same time, I have some things to correct on the film.

For one, Horus, winged Jamie Lannister, is not the 'God of Air' he is the God of War. He blesses pharaohs with skills necessary for battle. He's the Egyptian Ares. The actual God of Air is Shu, Horus' Great Grandfather.

Secondly, I would like to point out that Horus inherits the throne when his father, Osiris, is murdered. The culprit is Set, angrier Gerard Butler, God of Chaos, Osiris' brother and Horus' uncle. This may very well happen in the film, but there was no reference to it in the trailers.

Also, on the note of Set, he does not take both of Horus' eyes. He only takes one, so Thoth, God of Knowledge, and Khonsu, God of the Moon, create for him an eye made of moonlight. This is why he is always painted with one gold eye and one silver eye. It's also why pharaohs would wear an eye necklace, to symbolize Horus.

I have seen nothing of Isis. She is Horus' mother and Set's and Osiris' sister. She is the Goddess of Magic and is widely worshiped because of said magic. She is the one who gets her husband Osiris on the throne.

Hathor. Let's talk about Hathor. She is the Goddess of Love and is widely associated with femininity and pregnancy. She is also Horus' wife, and she is also the only female Goddess I have seen in the trailers available. However, she is seen at Set's side. Set's wife, and sister, is Nephthys Goddess of Rivers and Funerals not Hathor. In the film though, Hathor may very well appear as an ally to Set who changes sides to Horus, which would fit the mythology, but it is uncertain.

Speaking on the female presence, it is surprisingly rare. I mean in the actual story both Isis and her sister Nephthys attempt to bring Osiris back to life, Nephthys being a goddess of funerals. The entire time though, Horus is a small child. He is raised by his mother and aunt while on the run from Set. He is also not an adult when Set takes over. Thus, now I am worried that Isis' and Nephthys' roles will be forgotten, neglected or omitted by some small human thief who is joked to be the 'God of the Impossible'.

On a good note though, the looks of the gods are very accurate. For instance, the gods are meant to tower over the humans. The gods can take both an 'All Powerful' look and a 'Giant Human' look. I feel like this will play a very interesting role in the story, especially during battles.

Set is the God of Chaos, and his use of demons is very true to the actual mythology. He is also in charge of the deserts, and Set, in the trailer, does reference "My desert army..."

Overall however, the film still evokes a strong sense of ' Ima scream forever' from myself especially. There has never been a proper Egyptian themed film that explains Egypt's mythology properly. This film had better bring it or I, and possibly millions of others, will be sorely disappointed, and irritated.


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