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The Star Wars franchise has undoubtedly had an electric shock of fan base this pass December. There's no argument that 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' with its December debut and juggernaut box office run for the past 5 weeks has reinvented the franchise to a whole new level. Now that we Star Wars fans are in cold feet again with Rogue One still a less than a year away, there are many things we can speculate and anticipate, especially after seeing Episode VII, now that we have a clearer picture as to how Disney really feels about this franchise. Ultimately though, these anthology films have the objective to bring this whole universe into one knot so here are the ten things we can expect from 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'.

  • 1. 'Rogue One' will have a challenging but interesting marketing campaign.

Let's be honest, the average movie going audience will have little knowledge of what these spin-off films could be. Try explaining what 'Rogue One' is to a regular moviegoer. It sounds very odd and confusing since we just had 'Episode VII' and now we are going back 35 years earlier. So I'm really interested to see what the marketing departments of Disney and Lucasfilm can come up with to bring these people to generate buzz. I think one key thing will help bring these people to theatres next december with my next point.

  • 2. 'Rogue One' will have familiar elements of the universe while standing on the creative shoulders of a new story.

I think everyone can agree that Episode VII was very familiar to 'A New Hope'. Some may even say a carbon copy....but that was the intention. J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan decided to follow the formula and themes of 'A New Hope' while also keeping the film very fresh with dynamic and new characters. So ultimately, it was to introduce the new characters but in a familiar formula. Now with Rogue One, we can expect that they will use this idea of familiarity to usher in the regular moviegoers that enjoyed Episode VII to a different story and genre of the Star Wars universe. They definately won't take the story beats of 'A New Hope' because this story sounds like a great one to tell! Stealing the plans to the death star which ultimately is the firestarter of this bohemoth of a universe screams new story and character/story arcs but there will be minor elements that will effectively make this movie feel like Star Wars. Examples can be characters we've seen before or even references. This movie will take place before Episode III and IV so expect alot of references to the 'Clone Wars' mainly.

  • 3. We can safely assume that there will be some kind of tie-in with the tv show 'Rebels'

This is a small point but it's worth writing about. First and Foremost, if you have never seen seen 'Star Wars: Rebels'.....WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE?! Go watch the show! I whole heartedly recommend it if you just love Star Wars in general it's absolutely AMAZING!!!!! Now that's out of the way, for those who have seen the show and I, we are very aware that 'Rebels' runs along the same time frame as 'Rogue One', and that's exactly what the story group at Lucasfilm said at Star Wars Celebration 2015. So I'm not expecting major tie-ins such as seeing main characters from 'Rebels' pop up in the movie because I think adapting from cartoon to movie would just feel weird, BUT....I'm putting all my money on the tables that we can see 'Rogue One' characters pop up in the popular tv show. So I think it will be a great treat if that happens for the fans of 'Rebels' and if 'Rogue One' succeeds in being a good movie.

  • 4. We can speculate there may be a major tie in with the 'Sequel Trilogy'.

So this point you all should take with a grain of salt because as of right now this is just a rumor floating around the internet. The rumor states that Donnie Yen's character in 'Rogue One' could possible be coming to play in 'Episode VIII'. I do not know the validity of this rumor but, for me I think it's a 50/50 chance. Half of me thinks that we can't just jump to think that he's going to have an important role in 'Episode VIII' because we haven't even seen 'Rogue One' yet. We don't know who his character is, his role in this anthology film etc., but the other half of me thinks that it is absolutely in the realm of possibility. What an interesting way to connect 'Rogue One' to the Sequel Trilogy, but that's taking into consideration that if it's going to be an important role. The only thing way we will have a clearer picture is when we see 'Rogue One' in December.

  • 5. This is going to be Star...WARS!

This point is what makes me so excited for this movie. It has been stated by the Director Gareth Edwards that this movie will be "Star WARS". What he means is that this is going to be a full on war movie. FINALLY we will be able to see the live-action gameplay of Battlefront!!! Honestly though, this gets me excited because this will be a new flavor for Star Wars, and we can expect that all the anthology movies that come out after 'Rogue One' will have it's own kind of sub-genre to keep each movie different, fresh but ultimately STAR WARS. This formula has been used already with the Marvel Universe with such movies as Captain America: The Winter Soldier being a spy thriller and Guardians of the Galaxy being a Space Opera. Marvel is also owned by Disney so I think this formula should fit just perfectly into the Star Wars universe.

So with all of this said, I'm really excited for 'Rogue One'. the more I hear about this movie the more excitement that pumps through my veins. The success of 'Episode VII' and how much I loved it makes me speculate about a very successful future for the Star Wars universe but most importantly, a wonderful future for the fans (and me) invested in it. May the force be with you all!


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