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i love all things horror, I'm a big fan of the walking dead and i love creating videos and writing my own books

What do you guys think of a new theme of american horror story as summer camp i know id like to see that in the near future just imagine what could go on kids could arrive at camp and be stuck in a constant loop of time just like the movie where theres a killer in camp or it could be slave labour maybe even torture in the deeps of the camp, changing there personalities making them become slaves.what about this:

Standout character: A twisted camp counselor who has a few skeletons in his closet (preferably played by Evan Peters, because Evan Peters)

Plot: What could be hiding away in the woods, the water or beneath the cabins? There’s just a world of possibilities with this theme. Picture Friday The 13th but even more twisted. Plus children in general are terrifying, so there’s always that.

or you could also have a theme of an orphanage

Stand out character: a head mistress who has a evil past, and afflicts pain and torture upon the children who are in the orphanage, only because of how wrong she went with her own child.

Stand out character: another character is the daughter of the head mistress, she has been locked up under the orphanage since she was little she is now 25, and is determined to find her way out, after all the years of seeing other children tortured she has had enough.

Stand out character: a young man who has to come work fro the head mistress, that also has a dark past but is soon freed of that when he meet the head mistress daughter, how will she change them and how will they escaped that horrid place

Plot: what if i said these children weren't just tortured, imagine kids that are blood thirsty and terrifying, once the head mistress has turned them into horrible monsters, you wouldn't want the be the young man who has to come work for the head mistress in this horrible place would you.


which would you rather?


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