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With the release of Twilight Princess HD for Wii U right around the corner (March 4), we're starting to hear about all the minuscule details that will make it different from its 2006 version. Of course, we all imagined that Nintendo's amiibo figures would play a part, especially with the bundled release including a timed exclusive Wolf Link amiibo. But until just recently, all we could do was speculate.

Missed the reveal trailer? Check it out below!


Thanks to a leak from Japanese game magazine Famitsu, we've learned that the Legend of Zelda amiibos from the Super Smash Bros. series will have some minor functionalities — and I do mean minor.

But before I continue, I must say that some of this information may change slightly. Everything you're about to read has been roughly translated. We cannot be certain until the actual Famitsu magazine is released.

How will the amiibos work in 'Twilight Princess HD'?

LoZ amiibos
LoZ amiibos

Once per day, you can tap either your Link or Toon Link amiibo onto the NFC reader to replenish your arrows. Similarly, you can tap either your Zelda or Sheik amiibo to replenish your heart gauge. While this isn't particularly exciting news, it does mean that we have the option to make the game easier if necessary.

Lastly, we can tap Ganondorf to make Link receive twice as much damage as he would've previously. Just imagine what that'll be like in conjunction with the challenging Hero Mode difficulty option! Perhaps those replenishing features will come in handy after all. But what about Wolf Link?

Toon Link, Zelda, Link, Sheik, and Ganondorf are all compatible with Twilight Princess HD.
Toon Link, Zelda, Link, Sheik, and Ganondorf are all compatible with Twilight Princess HD.

Famitsu also states that the Wolf Link amiibo will unlock an entirely new dungeon called "Trial of the Beast." By completing the dungeon, you will unlock the Bottomless Wallet, allowing Link to carry 9,999 Rupees — a pretty impressive increase from the previous limit of 1,000.

Any hearts that remain once clearing this dungeon can supposedly be saved to the Wolf Link amiibo, which can then be used to recover the physical strength of Link, and may also be used to carry information over to the new [The Legend of Zelda](tag:988445) game for Wii U.

Wolf Link may be my favorite amiibo to date! It's so majestic!
Wolf Link may be my favorite amiibo to date! It's so majestic!

Not much else is known about the dungeon at this point in time, though players without the Wolf Link amiibo will not have access to it at all. Think of the amiibo as a key to unlock a door.

Is Nintendo making the correct choice?

Nintendo is definitely making a push to make the amiibo figures more functional in future games, but are they making good choices? With a very specific amiibo needed to unlock the exclusive dungeon, I can't help but wonder how many other features in other games will be locked away, requiring yet another amiibo as a key.

Though I will likely cave and purchase the future, standalone Wolf Link to join my other Zelda amiibos, I certainly hope that amiibo figures don't become a mandatory thing.

How do you feel about the push with amiibos? Do you agree with Nintendo's choices? Or do you wish they'd do things differently?

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