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There are many things we could discuss concerning the new season of Pretty Little Liars...

  • Who is Charlotte's killer?
  • What were Aria & Ezra up to that night?
  • Does Emily have cancer?
  • Can someone IMDB the hot actor playing Hanna's new fiance?
  • What happened to Ezra's girlfriend in South America? And how long until she randomly reappears to f*^& things up in Rosewood?
  • How long until we can kill off Sara Harvey?
  • And how did the Moms make it out of that damn basement?

I could go on and on... But the real question that is on everyone's mind, " ARE SPENCER AND CALEB REALLY AN ITEM?!"

As far as Marlene King has let on, the beginnings of are indirect, if that.

Most die-hard fans are probably furious since when we last left Hannah and Caleb they were off to New York City (together) ready to build their future and leave the nightmare of A far, far behind. What fans have to remember though, is that although it's only been five months, in the Rosewood-verse it has been FIVE YEARS. A lot can happen in half a decade, & apparently, it has.

Spencer & Caleb's relationship has been a pretty solid one from the get-go. The smarter two of the group, Spencer and Caleb initially formed a deep rooted bond in the fight against A, from hacking to hiding murder weapons, so it is no surprise that these two intelligent beings would find one another years later once all the threats from a mysterious killer are gone.

In the winter premiere of PLL (Of Late I Think Of Rosewood), fans were slightly confused when Spencer invited Caleb back home following A's possible release. While up in Hanna's suite, there was definite tension at the mention of Spencer's name when Caleb casually mentions he is staying out at her barn, but also downstairs in the hotel lobby (where Spencer is waiting for him) the sexual tension is palpable.

* Here is a clip of said scene below.*

Then, in tonight's episode, we get a slightly brief description of how Spaleb came to be. Alison holds a dinner party in the wake of her sister's death (because what else do you do?), and Hanna's fiance strikes up conversation with Spencer.

" So, do you and Caleb see much of each other in D.C.?"
" Uh, yeah... We do. I mean, I don't really see much of anybody except for my phone, but of all the people that I don't see, I don't see Caleb the most... The least."
" That's nice you keep in contact. I barely see any of my friends from high school."
" Oh, we didn't. Uh, for awhile... Then, we ran into each other in Madrid. It was crazy. A total fluke. I was just finishing my year abroad. He was backpacking through Europe. I was about to get on the train at Salamanca and I heard my name. I looked up and he was just standing there... On the opposite platform."

Wow... Talk about a meet-cute.

While Hannah's new man is tall, well-dressed, and wealthy (Oh, and did I mention that accent?), I have a feeling that once the cat's out of the bag, this new romance between ex-boyfriend & best friend will be enough to break the designer off the bag.


Is it alright for Spencer & Caleb to be seeing each other?


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