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6. Seed Of Chucky

One of the worst things I've ever seen. The comedy is so stupid to where you're not even laughing at the comedy you're laughing at how stupid this thing is. Glen or Glenda or whatever is the most annoying character ever and his first appearance in this abomination is just dumb. This is a piece of crap and don't waist your time with it.

5. Bride Of Chucky

This is just slightly better than Seed because at least they managed to keep some Horror in it. The comedy is annoying and stupid. There was literally a sex scene between Chucky and Tiffany which I honestly don't want to see 2 pieces of plastic do that. This thing just completely fails at being a romantic, horror, comedy because there's little romance in it even know Chucky and Tiffany are supposed to be in love. There's almost no horror. And all of the comedy is so unfunny and stupid.

4. Child's Play 3

This is OK I guess. The horror and suspense are just as good as the first 2. But the characters are so unlikeable. The bully guy is so annoying and stupid along with every other person at this unrealistic depiction of a military school. The kid is so annoying and stupid that it takes him the whole movie to understand what Chucky is trying to do, I mean Andy in the first 2 movies was probably younger and it only took him about half of the movie to understand and I'm pretty sure he was younger. It's definitely very forgettable and the weakest of the Child's Play trilogy.

3. Child's Play

Now I'm on to the good ones. Child's Play was definitely very surprising because it's about a killer doll. And in most ways that's very laughable because it's a 2ft tall doll it's very easy to beat. But Chucky is very unique. He's a killer that hides in plain sight. And he does everything so swift and quietly. Yes the kill count could've been way higher than what it was, but it's still very entertaining.

2. Child's Play 2

This is one of those sequel's that surpass the original in every way. This is what a direct sequel should be like. It should be more intense and more strange. The kill count is way higher. Kyle makes a great strong female lead. Andy is also more aware of things because he experienced this in the first film. And that ending in the factory is one of the best in the franchise.

1. Curse Of Chucky

I was very sceptical about this before I first watched it because it went straight to video and straight to video movies usually suck, but then I saw it and I loved it. It's a no brainer that this is the best of the Chucky trilogy because the other 2 were atrocious. This movie went back to the dark and creepy elements of the first 3 and made it darker and creepier. The kills are awesome in this movie. It ditches the lousy comedy from bride and seed. This is one of my favorite Horror sequels of all time and deserves to be.


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