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10 Cloverfield Lane

Ok this trailer dropped a few days ago. The World went bonkers.

The trailer of a surprise movie called a blood relative to the 2008 Cloverfield Movie.

What does that mean? Couldn't tell you.

Can tell you what is going down with this Trailer.

Let start of with a simple Juke Box, the game of Life, and a Puzzle.

It sounds simple enough right. Well No.

We have our heroes at "Home". Doing the normal family stuff playing games, dancing, drinking beer, and making a sandwich. Who does not love a good sandwich?

About 30 seconds in we get the dramatic rumble a faint roar, the light flicker. Things go downhill for our heroes from there.

Which ends with this look of shock and horror by the female lead.

I did say things go Downhill!!!

This a classic trailer. It gives you more questions. The type of questions only seeing the movie can answer.


What is the relation between the three people in the bunker?

Wikipedia says there was a car accident and John Goodman's character to the rescue whisking them to a secured bunker under the cover story a chemical attack. Still have to wonder how did he know about the secure bunker? Not to mention where is everyone else?

But are they three strangers? A Couple Plus One? Father, son, daughter? A threesome that went bad?

The real question will we even see the Cloverfield Monster at all?

From Goodman's performance as we come to the close of the video you can see he is having tremors.

There are lots of reasons to have tremors. He could have been cold, or nervous, or having a massive psychotic event. Could this all be a sick man holding everyone captive under a fabricated Monster Attack?

John Goodman has been known to play over the top characters.

The rumors are the Cloverfield brand is more of an Anthology Series. 10 Cloverfield Lane may have nothing to do with Cloverfield at all.

I would not wanna be in the 1st screening if this is a confined thriller and in the last shot of the movie you see her looking out to a sunny day. People will be more pissed than if Darryl dies on The Walking Dead.
We are talking Riot Gear folks.


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