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If one of your goals is to win an Oscar you better hope to have your film released in the fall. Although films are sporadically released throughout the year, careful not to compete against huge box office films such as the new record breaking Star Wars, the closer the release of a film to the glamorous awards accolades, the better off the potential twenty-four award recipients are. Of course a lot has changed from the first awards ceremony dating back to May 16, 1929.

The first awards ceremony was held for nominees from the two previous years. Instead of nominating films from the beginning of one year to the end, they nominated films from August 1, 1927 to August 1, 1928. There was also a lesser of categories for films to be nominated into with only thirteen and two of them for directing. One for Best Comedy Picture and one for Best Dramatic picture. Today it's all shuffled under one roof with no duo categories, with the exception of Best Adapted and Best Original Screenplay, including Best Director. A lot has changed over the years from an increase in films potential categorical nominations and wins due to almost double the categories, to the changing of the time frame in which a film can be nominated. But if there is one thing that hasn't changed it is the fierce competition between the makers of these Oscar worthy films both in front and behind the camera.

At the first Oscar Awards show, where there was no category for Actor or Actress in a Supporting Role, there were only two men nominated for Best Actor. Each one for two films. One actress was also nominated for three films, and was the winner by the way. Today is much different and the earlier your film is released the greater chance it's Oscar buzz will die before it hits DVD.

For some reason through the past twenty years, since 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape', Leonardo DiCaprio has yet to win an Oscar. Even with each film's strategic release and the Oscar buzz echoing throughout the world, he has been out performed by other talented actors he would most likely call his equals. His first Oscar nomination came at just twenty years old when he played the supporting role a mentally challenged child in 'what's Eating Gilbert Grape' starring Johnny Depp. DiCaprio lost that year to Tommy Lee Jones who also played a supporting role in 'The Fugitive'. He would not even be nominated for his incredible performance in the Jame's Cameron's record breaking film 'Titanic'. He would go on to be nominated for his 2004 performance as Howard Hughes in 'The Aviator'. He also went on to strike another Oscar nomination for his persona as a bad ass mercenary turned diamond smuggler in 'Blood Diamond'. And to top it off he went big in his uncanny role as the sex and drug crazed money and power craving Jordan Belfort in 'The Wolf of Wall Street'. If one thing's for sure Leonardo DiCaprio is a big believer in the saying, Go Big or Go Home! Could this be the year Leo DiCaprio takes the cake and gets to eat it to.

His newly released film 'The Revenant' has generated an enormity of Oscar buzz having been recently released with the eighty-eighth Oscar awards show just around the corner. A revenge film with blood thirsty action sequences and intense dramatic acting, it would be no surprise if Leonardo DiCaprio was on his way to Oscar fame. Of course there are only two ways this can go down and with his acting colleagues and role models beating him out every year he is nominated there's no telling who will take home the golden statue this year.

Interestingly enough Matt Damon, whose only won one Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Good Will Hunting, which got Robin Williams his first and only Oscar which he was nominated for the same year as Titanic in the same category in which Leo DiCaprio did not even make the cut, is most likely DiCaprio's biggest competition for the golden statue. Ironically they are both nominated in the same category and if one wins one will finally have won an Oscar in an acting category. Of course there is the slight chance neither would win for Michael Fassbender is right behind them with his extraordinary performance in 'Steve Jobs'. Fassbender is another among the ones nominated to have yet to win an Oscar. Bryan Cranston is also among the no Oscar club and surprisingly enough the only one to win one of these awards is Eddie Redmayne for Actor in a Leading Role for the film, 'The Theory of Everything'. It's hard to believe a guy with half the award nominations, half the acting experience, and half the talent could receive such a prestigious award before a man of DiCaprio's caliber. What do you think? Do you think Leo will win this year or be another heart break brought about by another terrific performance?


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