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The CW has become the primary home for Warner Bros./DC properties on the small screen. Tuesday night, they showed a special called DC Films Presents: Dawn of Justice League. Hosted by Kevin Smith, Warner Bros. took this opportunity to open their film slate up the general public, not just die-hard movie fans.

The opening cycled through a couple of the filmmakers like Zack Snyder, David Ayer, and Geoff Johns. These guys amped everything up from the start. Ayer promised that fans will love how 'interconnected these films will be.' Geoff Johns joined Kevin Smith on stage to discuss every film separately.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Johns tells Smith what we already knew, which is that Batman and Superman will absolutely have a problem with each other. I found it interesting that he added it also means the heroes' worlds will collide - Metropolis vs. Gotham. We will find out what that means exactly on March 25th.

Ben Affleck also made an appearance as a talking to head to explain Bruce Wayne being 'darker, older, and world-weary.' Henry Cavill also calls him 'unforgiving.' Lex Luthor is relevant to the story because he's rivals with Bruce Wayne and hates Superman. Perhaps it's for the same reason Bruce Wayne dislikes him? Did Superman destroy something of Luthor's at the end of Man of Steel?

More than anything, I'm surprised they still showed what so many people were disgusted with from the last official trailer. They showed every bit of Doomsday and the Trinity squaring off including the 'Is she with you?' dialogue. I was hoping they were going to be more reserved in the weeks to come, especially after the latest TV spot was so great despite showing very little.

Wonder Woman

The biggest surprise of the special was that it was chock-full of never before seen footage of the Wonder Woman movie. We already knew that it would be a period piece during WWI, but this looks to be a very dark film. Maybe not the content necessarily, but the aesthetic of the scenes themselves were very dark. We saw a lot of Wonder Woman on horseback, slaying bad guys. We still have yet to hear Gal Gadot herself as Princess Diana, but she looks better than ever in the role. A video of the footage is below:

The Flash

Ezra Miller (Perks of Being a Wallflower, Trainwreck) will be playing the big-screen adaptation of Barry Allen's The Flash. Geoff Johns confirmed that despite the TV show's portrayal of Allen's origin, the film will play with the exact same story. Of course, there was no footage to show. The movie has not started filming yet and isn't set to release until 2018.

Other Tidbits

Geoff Johns also hyped Kevin Smith on the fact that we would be getting a Green Lantern Corps. film. During the announcement, they spliced in some cool graphics from the comics that included John Stewart and Hal Jordan. Yes, we will be seeing a lot of the Corps., but could we be getting both Stewart AND Jordan in the film?

There was also a mention of Cyborg, a character that everyone is probably the least familiar with. Cyborg, or Victor Stone, is a member of the Teen Titans. Victor suffered a horrible accident and had to be rebuilt into a Cyborg by his father. Johns also describes him as someone who doesn't sleep. In the age of the internet, he's constantly connected to any machine and can download all kinds of information. He also doesn't sleep.

And finally, here is some footage of Johns and Smith discussing Aquaman:

Suicide Squad

The headliner of the DC special was definitely the Suicide Squad. We've gotten great information about Batman vs Superman from other platforms, but this new Suicide Squad trailer was heavily anticipated. Smith asked Geoff Johns how the Jokers plays a part in the new film. Johns replies, 'Joker isn't exactly a member of the Suicide Squad.' Margot Robbie came onto the screen to talk about how Harley Quinn was previously a therapist of the Joker's (as seen in the header photo), but knowing him slowly turned her into who we know her as today.

Without further ado, here's the new, long-awaited trailer for Suicide Squad:

What do you think about all of this DC movie news? Which tidbit is your favorite? Are you bummed they still haven't announced Ben Affleck directing The Batman?


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