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The buzz for DC just keeps on rolling. Even with the still fact that we will be getting a Batman V Superman movie in just under three months, there is one more movie that is on the sidelines that just keeps growing. The new 'Suicide Squad' trailer dropped during The CW Special 'Dawn of the Justice League'. Here we got an even more in depth look at David Ayer's very experimental anti-hero film. The first trailer was such a satisfying take on this band of anti-heroes so what did I think of the newest trailer?


I seriously loved it more than the first one. What I thought got me was that it had a great sense of fun to it. I thought that from the first trailer it was going to have a really dark tone that alot of people assumed was going to be the case anyways but this trailer's tone was total madness and fun and I think that kind of tone really fits for this kind of ensemble piece.

At first the trailer edited with the Queen track seemed a bit corny but that immediately went away as soon as the pace kicked in. I think this movie has alot of potential to change up the game for superhero movies. Suicide Squad opens in theatres August 4th.

What did you think of the trailer?

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