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I think my most fondness memory of Professor Snape was in part 7 when voldemort had cast a spell on Professor Snape and slowly killed him. Before Professor Snape took his last breath of life he spoke to harry..telling him how he had his mothers eyes. I saw the look on the professors face as he died in harrys arms and it made me see that the professor was truly not all bad at all. He loved harrys mother,lily, and had a hard time dealing with the idea that lily did not become his wife but instead she married James Potter. They all stayed good friends and helped each other knowing that when they one day had children they would all meet at hogwarts. I dont believe that Professor Snape wanted to kill harry when Professor Dumbledoor told him he would have to be the one that would have to kill harry. If there was anyway James Potter split apart from lily he would have jumped to his chance to step in and help lily be happy once again, but unfortunately this did not happen. As the years passed by and Professor Snape spent more and more time with the students at Hogswart school, Davids attitude in a whole had begun changing and everyone was seeing this. All the changes David had to make through all the different years at the school were starting to show that he actually did have a good heat even though he tried hard not to let it show. If people were to watch how well David performed his role as Professor Snape they would see that even the bad and evil people could turn their lives around and show their true heart.

Donna Johnstone


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