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Spoilers ahead - proceed at your own risk….

Does anyone else realize this? (I haven’t seen this mentioned yet) I thought the coolest thing about the lead up to the movie – we the audience and fans have all asked the same question the movie characters did – Where’s Luke?

Whether or not it as intentional or not, JJ Abrams and / or the producers / whomever got us all to ask the same question that the movie characters all wanted to know – the underlying theme of the entire movie!

So, in The Force Awakens, the latest dark threat to the galaxy is getting bigger and badder (not to mention diversified! ha ha). They all need someone to come to the galaxy’s rescue against this new offshoot of the Empire. Luke, presumably the most powerful of the light side – is now the one and only Jedi Master known to exist. So where is he, and why is he not involved? They do sort of explain his (and R2s’) absence - the jedi training incident. So while I missed him, it sets up him, and only him, as the next movie’s ‘legend hero’, where Han was this movies ‘legend hero’.

So R2-D2 (an unsung hero of all the Star Wars movies so far) and the reason he waits to wake up (from droid depression?) – I think mine is similar as a lot of theories – BB8 sees him, pleads with him, and he sees all the s**t going down and says to himself, ‘snap out of it’ and helps fill in the puzzle to find Luke.

 Side note, I saw a hilarious cartoon of R2 ignoring the warning not to plug into strange computers (Death Star) and later – the offspring of that encounter – BB*8...lmao.

Some of the Easter eggs I caught in my first viewing:

Shout outs to original series, mostly #4.

• #2187 – FN2187 same as Leia’s cell # on original Death Star

• Flying thru the Starkiller corridor like they did in the 1st Death Star

Starkiller planet / base
Starkiller planet / base

• “I got a bad feeling about this” – self-explanatory for SW's fans

• Garbage chute turns into Finn’s specialty as a trooper.

• BB-8 and R2-D2 both carrying the important stuff

• Chess game / training remote on the Millenium Falcon

• Lightsaber stuck in the snow – Luke in #5 and then Rey in #7

Reaching for the lightsaber in the snow
Reaching for the lightsaber in the snow

• Motivators keep going bad - R5-D4 in episode 4 and the Millenium Falcon hyperdrive

• Rebel helmet Rey has - whose is it? I thought of Luke right away.

Early design mockup / Luke's Helmet
Early design mockup / Luke's Helmet

• Clone army references

• Mynock / Rathtar face / mouths on the glass

• I remember hearing (I believe on Starkiller base) about the characters ‘splitting up’ like in SW episode 4 where Han & Chewie split from Luke & Leia

Anyways, that’s my contribution to the SW epsiode 7 fan theories. The only thing I didn’t like was Ben – the name, not the person. That was Luke’s son’s name from the post Return of the Jedi novels. Han and Leia weren’t personally involved with Kenobi, so why name their son after the ‘crazy old man’ or ‘wizard’. Luke should have used it. (Mara Jade, where are you?)


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