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George Clooney has said a few words about the controversy regarding the lack of diversity on this year's Oscar nominees by saying that "we are moving in the wrong direction."

In the recent interview with Variety, Clooney states that Hollywood is the one to blame for not hiring minorities in the past, and is still the problem to this very day.

Clooney: “I don’t think it’s a problem of who you’re picking as much as it is: How many options are available to minorities in film, particularly in quality films?” he said. “I think we have a lot of points we need to come to terms with. I find it amazing that we’re an industry that in the 1930s, most of our leads were women. And now a woman over 40 has a very difficult time being a lead in a movie. We’re seeing some movement. Jennifer Lawrence and Patricia Arquette have made the loud pronouncement about wage disparity, have put a stamp on the idea that we got to pay attention. But we should have been paying attention long before this. I think that African-Americans have a real fair point that the industry isn’t representing them well enough. I think that’s absolutely true.”

Clooney also talked about the Oscars nominating African American actors for their work in the past.

"Let’s look back at some of the nominees,” he said. “I think around 2004, certainly there were black nominees — like Don Cheadle, Morgan Freeman. And all of a sudden, you feel like we’re moving in the wrong direction. There were nominations left off the table. There were four films this year … Creed could have gotten nominations. Concussion could have gotten Will Smith a nomination; Idris Elba could have been nominated for Beasts of No Nation and Straight Outta Compton could have been nominated. And certainly last year, with Selma director Ava DuVernay. I think that it’s just ridiculous not to nominate her.”

After the noms were released, many celebrities have spoken about the lack of diversity. The latest were Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith who have said they will not attend the Feb. 28 event.

Maybe after these comments and boycotts, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences may see that this is a real problem and are willing to make huge changes to this situation.


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