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I am the owner of indie film company Sacia Studios, and I am amazing, just like you.
Spencer Sacia

I am 17 years old, and I have a passion to create films. The trailer that you see above is for my current film "Internecine". It is the first "Film" I've created, even though it is only around 20 minutes long. (I guess you could consider it a short film).

I used my own money to make the first film, now I need help with the second. I want to make this feature length film, but I don't have enough money to accomplish that. Is there any better way to get my film funded than IndieGoGo? (I apparently am too young to use Kickstarter). I mean, that's exactly why Kickstarter exists; to help people such as myself.

I had some friends help me make the original short film, and I thought, why not showcase the trailer to show people what I can do?

I certainly don't have the $17,000 it will take to make this movie, but you can definitely help me with that.

Loved this trailer? Then check out the official IndieGoGo!

The video above is the official trailer for the prequel to the film! I am so excited to make something even more professional for my next film. Let me tell you the story below!

Just a few years ago, two sisters moved into a house, after graduating from college. They were looking for a nice place to stay. But, they didn't know it wasn't going to be so nice. There is a demon in the house, and it is affecting one of the sisters, Ellie!

Why should you get involved with this IndieGoGo?

I truly am passionate about horror films, and have grown up with them all my life. I am a high school student, so accomplishing this will be a big dream for me in the filmmaking world. The $17,000 will help make this dream a reality for a Wisconsin kid like me!

Check out what this campaign is about; and what this will help me with, and why I need to raise this goal, and get perks.

Unable to financially contribute; don't worry about it! Share the project on whatever social media sites you are on so that others may find out about Nyctophobia.

Nyctophobia Indiegogo

Thank you for watching!


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