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If you have been living under a rock the past few hours, you should know that on the CW during DC's Dawn of the Justice League they showed everything from the official Justice League line up, to New footage from the Wonder Woman movie, to of course the brand new trailer for the Suicide Squad. Here at Just4youstudios we knew we had to talk about this IMMEDIATELY!!! So instead of making a video for youtube (Which required way to much time and effort) We decided we would make a post for Movie Pilot, before talking about it on the podcast

Nick from Just4youstudios: Right as the music started to play I got a happy tingly feeling all over my body. My little nerd heart could barely believe what it was seeing on screen. A movie studio investing on a project about a comic series that only the hardcore fans knew much about, and doing an great job with it. The last time a studio did that it was for Guardians of the Galaxy which paid off AMAZINGLY for Marvel. I feel like DC may be taking a page from Marvels book on making good super hero movies. Just from the humor, the music, and the type of shots this trailer has its hard not to get a Guardians of the Galaxy vibe. However I am more than ok with this. I am a massive DC fan and I want to see them make really good movies, and if taking a few notes from Marvel is what it takes so be it! Super excited for Suicide Squad, and after watching "Dawn of the Justice League" I am more excited about Dawn of Justice so, Good Job Warner Brothers!

Ivan from Just4youstudios: I Haven't been this excited for a super hero movie in years. They were able to show just the perfect amount, without showing the whole movie in 3 minutes or blowing there load early unlike some other Movies *Cough *Cough . But this movie is exactly the kind of movie that DC fans who like the villains need. From a huge fan of the Joker and Harley Quinn this puts me at ease to see beloved characters being put to justice and a character like Harley Quinn who we haven't seen before on the big screen before being portrayed perfectly, and has the personality on the spot. I have to say this movie is one of the ones i'm most looking forward to this year.


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