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Varun Arvind

So we've all probably seen the new Suicide Squad trailer by now and are wondering, who the heck was the plant-guy/villain/badass tearing up the city???

Well, look no further.

I give to you.... FLORONIC MAN!!!!!

Yep I know, anticlimactic as hell but the resemblance is uncanny and I am 60% sure this is the character being adapted into the SS movie as the big bad.

Floronic Man is a longstanding foe of DC Hero The Swamp Thing, who's being adapted into live action for the upcoming Justice League Dark film. He has the ability to manipulate nature and flora as well as morph his body parts into more lethal forms, like the branch-whip we saw in the trailer. What's even more interesting is that the henchmen creatures we saw originally looked very similar to the swamp thing in design. Coincidence? I think not.

His backstory is quite extensive and it is also related to the Parliament of Trees, an organization comprising of Plant Elemental in the DC Universe. One of the members, Yggdrasil, resembles the tree-explosion (?) we saw towards the end of the trailer. It is pictured at the bottom of the montage.

EDIT - There have been rumors that the villain maybe Swamp Thing, a Kryptonite-based villain, etc. ALL very interesting choices.

Suicide Squad's IMDB page lists actor Matt Baram as Dr. Van Chris, perhaps this is so that the name Jason Woodrue, the alter ego of Floronic Man isn't found out.

EDIT - SS's IMDB page lists an actor as a character whose name is "Wood". This seems to add more evidence to the villain being Floronic Man.

Again this is complete speculation and I have no intention of clickbaiting anyone. The evidence is limited but the pictures paint a telling story.

Watch this space and comment on what you think too!


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