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A girl named Lilly decided to have a sleepover on her 13th birthday. Everyone ate cake and watched movies. When she opened her last present she got a doll with having a note on the back saying

"your being watched, death awaits someone."

Her friends saw what it said and they freaked out except Victoria. She didn't believe in ghost. She thought it was my brother Justin playing a prank. So they just put the doll in the basement and sealed the door. They went to the treehouse and found a note covered in blood saying,

"leave now, before it's too late"

The writing was unknown. They went inside and drank some hot chocolate. After they had gone outside they found a stuffed unicorn torn up all over the ground. When it was time for bed Lilly wanted to fall asleep but couldn't. One of Lilly's friends named Rosa went in the hall. She screamed and ran back saying the doll was in the hallway. Everyone freaked out again and they turned on all the lights, music and wouldn't fall asleep. The next night, the last night of the sleepover. Victoria finally decided to go home early with the doll. She went home with the doll and fell asleep with it. In the morning her parents were shocked to find Victoria's throat slit. While the doll sitting next to her murmuring "1"


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