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There are just some mysteries in this world that will never be explained. Some people have accepted that, and some never have and never will, and will try to solve them till the day they die. UFOs, the origin of life on our planet, and how Justin Bieber is still famous. One good thing about the last one; the mysterious sound that comes from him can be easily fixed by turning it off at the source. There are other sounds out there, however, that are not so easily explained or their strange origins solved. Some sounds around the world, seemingly otherworldly in origin, are simply gotten used to by the people who have to listen to them, and some are driven absolutely nuts. Even though a few even have scientific explanations, they still remain mysterious, and pretty annoying.

10. The Trumpets

Let's start off with quite possibly the most perplexing and disturbing sounds. People in Britain, Ukraine, the U.S., Germany and Belarus have been hearing strange trumpets sounds in the skies for over 10 years now, with not good explanation available yet. The sounds make people freeze in their tracks ( and wake people up (, and pretty much scare the crap out of anyone that knows even a little bit about the book of Revelations in the Bible. NASA and scientists brush them off as Earth's natural sounds, natural radio emissions and such. Other not so scientific explanations involve warnings from the heavens that our planet is going down the wrong path, and at any moment, the final trumpet could sound, the skies could open up, and we all face our judgment day. That being the worst case scenario, of course.

Some folks even went so far to blame the trumpet noises in Canada on the movie Red State. But in April, and then again in May, the same sounds were recorded. In Germany (, in one of the above videos, a man filmed his child playing in the streets, and just freezing in his tracks from the sounds above. Australia, Texas, they've all experienced the trumpets.

9. The Hum

This sound isn't isolate to one part of the world, as mysterious hums have been heard across the globe. In Hawaii, they can hear it, but claim it's just volcanic activity. Those who hear it in England or New Mexico can't use that excuse. On the Washington island of Vashon, the residents say the hum is getting louder and annoying them even more. Scientists are saying the same for this sound as some of the others around the world, that it's just natural earth noises. In British Columbia, according to this article ( they say that the hum is even causing insomnia among some people, along with headaches, and in some cases, even suicide. There's even been a documentary made ( about the hum!

8. The Boom

Another sound heard 'round the world (wrong boom), the boom has occurred many places, many times. Without storm clouds nearby, no bombs going off, or no meteorites crashing to earth to be seen, the booms are heard in Canada, Italy, Japan, and several U.S. states, to name just a few. In 1978, for example, a boom was heard around Bell Island damaged homes, and it was never determined what caused it. Meteorite impacts, underwater caves collapsing, and vents in the earth's surface letting out gas (planet farts?) have all been discussed, but never proven. Even super-weapons or experimental technology have been blamed, for the sci-fi buffs out there (

7. The Pre-Earthquake Boom

In August of 2011, in Colorado, there was a series of booms right before an earthquake shook the area (video here: In other states with earthquakes, these “booms” have been known to occur, also. Some say they are just shallow earthquakes preceding the big ones, or just yet some more natural earth noises. Even in the early 1800s in New Madrid, Missouri, there were accounts of artillery-like sounds that came before or during an earthquake that occurred there.

In Buffalo, NY, it happened again. An earthquake was recorded Friday at midnight in December of 2014, and on Saturday night, another quake. Two hours before the second earthquake hit, a loud BOOM was heard nearby, sounding like a supersonic jet plane flying overhead.

6. The Death Rattle

This one is the least mysterious of the group, but it can cause discomfort in those nearby. The death rattle is the sound a dying person sometimes makes in their final hours, caused by gunk in the throat or the relaxing of throat muscles as their body gives up the fight. They're no longer able to cough or swallow, so the fluid collects in the back of their throat as they breathe. It's one of those noises that, even though it's a sad, sad thing to hear, there have been movies named after it.

5. Another Boom

Not to be confused with the big bang, there are big booms out there that REALLY happen for no apparent reason. No earthquakes follow, no planes fly overhead, nothing.

In September of 2015, in Virginia and Maryland, a loud boom was heard across the two states. Descriptions go from explosions to sonic booms, to a fire that was reported, but then turned out to not exist. Transformers blowing can really shake things up, but none of those were found damaged either. The list of mystery booms goes on and on, from Pennsylvania, to China, to Canada, Germany, and Sweden.

In Australia, back in July of this year, it happened numerous times over the course of a few weeks, rattling windows and residents of Cooma.

4. The Scraping

This is another humming sound, but it almost sounds metallic ( Like other mysterious sounds, animals react the same to this, being agitated by the noise. And in some instances, dogs reacted to the noise before it even started. It almost makes a person think giant aliens are going to come flying out of the ground after huge lightning strikes. In Sweden, the same metallic type sound was recorded, this time it was banging, described as sounding like a train.

3. The Groan

Over Kiev, Ukraine, there have been reports of trumpets, but there's also this:

It's more of a groan that you would hear coming from a huge machine (or UFO!), this sound was strong enough on one occasion to shake windows. No construction, no trains, nothing going on above ground to suggest the apocalypse is happening, but underground? Who knows...

2. The Bloop

In 1997, the sound that became known as The Bloop was heard across the Pacific Ocean, at underwater sensors 5000km apart. Placed where they were during the Cold War to track Soviet submarines, they're now used by the NOAA to monitor natural things, like The Bloop. The sound (heard here: has been suggested to have come from an animal, but the animal would have had to be bigger than any animal that exists now or has ever existed for it to be heard simultaneously, 5000km apart. A theory proposed in 2012 ( suggests it was just an ice shelf as it broke up from Antarctica.

1. The UVB-76

One of the only sounds on this list to be 100% man-made, this sound has been made every day, all day, since 1982, broadcast from an unknown source and being the same short, monotonous buzzing tone. On top of that, three times over the years, in 1997, 2002, and 2008, voices have come over the transmission. A Russian male voice has rambled off numbers, names, and letters, which is where UVB-76 came from. Another nickname is The Buzzer. To add even more mystery to it, in June of 2010, the buzzing stopped. The mystery Russian guy didn't even warn anyone. It started the next day, and stopped again in August. The drama continues to this day, and the mystery broadcast even has a website set up to listen to it 24/7 ( Exciting stuff!


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