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No matter what era we live in, there will always be someone in power somewhere, who abuses that power. They will plunder, murder, terrify, massacre and anything else they can get away with, until one day, they meet their grisly end. Most dictators throughout history have lived to a ripe old age and simply passed on, or died from health complications late in life. These evil rulers, because of their atrocities, don't deserve a simple, peaceful death, or even a bloody, well-publicized death. What they deserve is what they sometimes get; an embarrassing, sometimes laughable, end to their evil, ruthless existence. Here are a few who got some very poetic, and sometimes ironic, justice.

10. Muammar Gaddafi

Born on June 7, 1942in Libya, Muammar Gaddafi attended military academies in Libya, Greece and the UK during his younger years, in what would lead him to a position where he would not only be guilty of human rights violations in his own country, but be a supporter of Libyan terrorists all over the globe. A Berlin nightclub in 1986. The Pan-Am flight 103 over Scotland in 1988 that killed in 270 people on the air and ground. All things that earned him the nickname, the “mad dog of the Middle East.” Well, this mad dog, in his final hours, was chased around all over the place during the uprising that would see him lose his powerful position. When he was caught, he was found cowering in a sewer pipe with some of his bodyguards. He was captured, beaten, and eventually shot and killed by the same people he so ruthlessly ruled.

9. Osama Bin Laden

To not remember the story of this terrorist's death would require for someone to be living under a rock. Coincidentally, that's where Osama lived part of his life while he was on the run from pretty much the entire U.S. Military after 9/11. Not so much a dictator or evil ruler, but more like the leader of the al-Qaida, who terrorized countless numbers of people, this mad was the world's most wanted man for quite a while after the towers fell. Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabie in 1957 or 1958, he was child number 17 of 52 born to Mohammed Bin Laden, the owner of the largest construction company in the Saudi kingdom at the time. Creator and leader of the al-Qaida, Osama had big plans. He promised that his group of terrorists would one day be the “master of this world,” but after a 10 year manhunt, he was found in a compound in Pakistan. He hid behind his young wife, using her as a human shield, which didn't work out so well. Osama, his wife, his son, and two of his brothers were killed in the raid.

8. Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein. To a child of the 80s and 90s, that name is just as recognizable as any of the ninja turtles. Born in 1937 in Tikrit, Iraq, Saddam ruled Iraq for more than two decades. Under his rule, thousands of people died as a result of his invasions and attacks. In the early 2000's, soon after 9/11, the Bush administration believed Saddam to have ties to Osama Bin Laden, so he was hunted down. In 2003, he was found, basically, hiding in a hold in the ground. The resulting stay in prison was degrading for him, and justly so. Pictures of a ragged old man in his underwear floated across the internet, and his execution in 2006 was made very public when he was sentenced to death by hanging, and a video leaked of it all going down.

7. Adolf Hitler

A product of what might be the most regretted reproduction of any two parents in the history of the universe in 1889, in Austria, Adolf Hitler loved art as a child. He applied to the Academy of Fin Arts twice, but was rejected both times; this is something that's been rumored to have been one of the driving forces behind his horrible actions later in life. It was in Vienna, and this is where it's said his anti-Semitism got its start. After a life filled with beer-hall speeches, a stint in prison where he started writing is Mein Kampf, and the deaths of 11 to 14 million people at the hands of his Nazi army, near the end, when he realized Germany would eventually fall, he became increasingly erratic in his military decisions. On April 29,1945, he married his girlfriend, Eva Braun, and shortly after was informed of the assassination of Benito Mussolini (the next guy on the list!). Afraid of the same fate, he and his new wife committed suicide the day after their wedding, April 30. Like Osama Bin Laden, his body was disposed of so that his grave wouldn't become a shrine.

6. Benito Mussolini

Born in 1883, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini considered himself Hitler's ally, and pretty much was till April of 1945, when it all came crashing down for both wicked men. Historically, Mussolini was responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in Ethiopia, Libya and Yugoslavia. In 1943, Hitler even came to his aid when an invasion was launched to overthrow Mussolini. But on April 28, he and his mistress Clara Petacci were executed in the small village of Giulino di Mezzegra, in Italy. His execution was the last of the sorry end to his life; the two bodies were taken by a moving van to Milan, where they were dumped on the ground in the Piazzale Loreto. The bodies were shot even more, kicked, spat on, and hung upside down from meat hooks at a gas station. Not being satisfied by that, crowds stoned the dead couple.

5. Pol Pot

Pol Pot was born in 1925, but not until 50 years later did he and his communist Khmer Rouge become responsible for approximately 1.5 million Cambodian deaths. From 1975 to 1979, they died of starvation, overwork, execution and disease under the imprisonment of the Khmer. In 1975, they took control of Phnom Penh and it's 2.5 million residents, targetting mainly doctors, teachers, and other professionals and intellectuals, forcing them to work fields as part of the reeducation process the Khmer Rouge had implemented. In 1979, the Vietnamese took back the city, forcing Pol Pol and his army to run back to the jungle. He was captured in 1997 by a splinter group from the Khmer Rouge, and placed under house arrest. A classic example of a man who thought he was really something, fizzling out in his final hours, he died in his sleep in 1998 from heart failure.

4. Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin was born Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili on December 18, 1879, in Gori Georgia. He rose to power over the course of a few years, and in 1924, after Lenin's death, he had complete control. He had rivals arrested and executed, after being convicted of being “enemies of the people.” He seized land from the peasants to create collective farms, believing this would accelerate food production, but the peasants were forced to labor, and millions died from starvation or overworking during the ensuing famine. Stalin was also a big fan of industrialization, but his plans ended up killing millions and hurting the environment in the process. If anyone didn't like what he was doing, they were executed, or exiled to labor camps. He signed a nonaggression pact with Hitler, which came back to bite him in the butt, because, well, Hitler was Hitler. Fast forward to 1952, when Stalin's health started declining. In March of 1953, after a night of heavy drinking, Stalin went to his room. His guards started worrying when their master made no sound, but were too afraid most of the day to check in on him, seeing how he had his doctors arrested for telling him to start acting his age. A maid or guard finally went in and found him on the floor, conscious but only able to make incoherent noises. And he had wet himself. Even the doctors that decided he had had a stroke were too afraid to touch him, for fear of getting arrested. According to his daughter, his last act, seconds before he passed, was that his eyes opened, either mad, angry or full of fear of death, he pointed upwards, and died.

3. Idi Amin

When someone's nickname is the “Butcher of Uganda,” you know he's bad. Born around 1925 in Uganda, he rose through the ranks from the 1940s to 1970. He overthrew the current Ugandan leader in 1971 and took over as president from then until 1979. His lavish lifestyle while his people lived in poverty, and desire to stay in power no matter what, even if it meant killing thousands in mass killings to do it, were his legacy. In 2003, he died from what was reported to be multiple organ failure, attributed to his being overweight and suffering from hypertension. Him dying because of being massively obese, while so many died under him from starvation, has just the right amount of irony.

2. Maximilien Robespierre

The oldest of the group, Max was born on May 6, 1758, in France, and died at the not so ripe old age of 36. A Radical Jacobin leader and one of the big names in the French Revolution, Max had some good ideals, opposing slavery and being for democratic reforms, but in 1793, he instituted the Reign of Terror, where thousands of suspected enemies of the Revolution were executed, mostly by guillotine. Even by the summer of 1794, when there seemed to be no threat from the outside, he continued his bloody habits, and soon a coalition of revolutionaries formed that opposed Robespierre and his followers. He was arrested and imprisoned, escaped with the help of a sympathetic jailer, and hid in Paris. He tried to commit suicide upon learning he was an outlaw, but messed up and wounded his jaw. Shortly after, the Hotel he was hiding in was stormed, he was arrested again, and him and 21 of his buddies had their heads chopped off, his preferred method of execution.

1. Kim Jong Il

Anytime the name of a current or previous leader of North Korea comes up, it can be almost guaranteed that laughter will follow, thanks to the absurd things these rulers come up with. Kim Jong is no exception to the rule. His birth date is not even known, but it's estimated to be 1941 or 1942. And even then, he claimed to be the product of a supernatural birth, involving swallows (the bird...) rainbows and a brand new bright star in the sky. He took control of North Korea after the death of its current leader, Kim Il Sung, in 1994. His entire reign was filled with lunacy, so it's hard to say that just his death was the final kick in his super short pants. His death of a heart attack was reportedly because he was mad about some shoddy construction at a hydro-electric damn, but the real legacy of Kim's death would be his son, who would become even a bigger joke of a ruler than his father and grandfather.


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