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So much DC goodness just got dropped on us with the CW special airing with The Flash.

The first big reveal was the Suicide Squad trailer. Since the teaser shown to us last July, we haven´t really seen much of DC´s new film but these past few days all changed with official posters and the aforementioned trailer:

This new footage reveals quite a lot of new information, for example, Harley Quinn; we heard a few lines in the first teaser but now there is a real demonstration of the essence of the live-action interpretation of this character and what looks like to be her origin story.

There is also the revelation that Cara Delevigne´s character, Enchantress, will be romantically involved with Rick Flag, or at least that´s what it looks like at the 00:45 mark.

And we finally get a closer look at Jared Leto´s Joker, both of his appearance and his voice. To be honest, he seems generic to me, not the transcendental, super representation we´ve been teased with so far and his new look... Yes, I am aware this is a trailer but that is enough to give you a sense of a performance.

What do you think of the newest Suicide Squad trailer?


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