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As a Star Wars fan, I could not help but jump into the pool of theories and speculations that has suddenly taken over the internet regarding the new Star Wars trilogy. Articles on the web, as well as videos on YouTube and other sites regarding possible character and plot theories have been appearing since The Force Awakens made its billion dollar debut back in December of 2015. Before moving on, I take a moment to praise J.J Abrams and his team for doing an amazing job at capturing the hearts of millions of Star Wars fans, after what seemed like a never ending wait for something to happen in the franchise's original story line.

Some of the theories you'll find here at MoviePilot and other sites include the origins of Rey (Daisy Ridley); is she Kenobi's daughter? Is she a Skywalker? You may also find theories about Finn (John Boyega); is he to become a Jedi? Is he secretly Force-sensitive ? Point is, the theories and speculations sparked by the film are several. But the theory I bring onto the table is probably one of the most controversial: Who is Snoke ?

Now, I am aware that many people have been getting behind the idea that the new dark lord and mastermind villain could most likely be Darth Sidius' former master, Darth Plagueis the Wise. I am not here to dismiss this possibility, but to in a way blend it with my current theory. To simply put it I'll use a very simple equation:

Darth Plagueis = Jar Jar = Snoke.

'Woah there, now there is no way that can be true dude!' -- I'm sure that's what most of you might think, but please read me out (get it? lol...No?.. Okay.) Jar Jar has been M.I.A since Revenge of the Sith, where it is assumed he was still senator. However, we know that the senate was not the same after Palpatine declared himself emperor, and later on in the story chronology we find out that the senate was dismantled:

"The Imperial Senate will no longer be of any concern to us. I've just received word that the Emperor has dissolved the council permanently. The last remnants of the Old Republic have been swept away."

―Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin

So what happened to Jar Jar? His death was not confirmed in the original triolgy, not even in the new film. So technically one can't really say he's dead for sure. But, staying in the prequels, let us quickly revisit Jar Jar's character. He was portrayed as an idiot , a clumsy , unintelligent being who accidentally made his way into the Galactic Senate by replacing Senator Amidala as planetary representative of Naboo. In Attack of the Clones, Jar Jar is responsible for having the senate grant emergency powers to Chancellor Palpatine, powers that Palpatine never released. George Lucas made it seem to viewers that this was clearly a result of Jar Jar's naivety, ignorance, and lack of greater knowledge. This is probably why one would never agree with the Jar Jar Theory , originally elaborated by a blogger in Reddit going by the name Lumpawarroo.

Part of what I want you guys to understand, is that George Lucas used a technique that involves framing a very important character in a story as a character of little importance to later on, and in this case, VERY later on, surprise fans/viewers with a major plot twist. I strongly believe this is the case with Jar Jar.

We know from episode III that Darth Sidius "killed" his master, Darth Plagueis, who had the ability to cheat death itself. Plagueis could have actually been able to save himself from death and used the "Mask". In the Star Wars universe This technique was a rarely-known special application of Sith alchemy. Using the technique, a Sith alchemist could literally reshape an individual's appearance, altering the subject at the molecular level. Very little was beyond this technique, limited only by the craftsmanship of the user. Features, age, disfigurations, even species could be concealed with the Mask though the latter would require an incredible amount of skill to accomplish convincingly. Using this Sith power, Plagueis could have easily framed himself as the idiot Jar Jar, and later on used the technique once again to become Snoke. If you haven't explored the deepness of the SW universe, this may seem a bit confusing to you, but with a bit of exploration you will be able to understand better where I am coming from.

We established earlier that Jar Jar was clumsy and that he was a naive idiot. But one more characteristic of Jar Jar that we cannot ignore is his incredible luck. We saw it throughout the movie, Jar Jar being saved from death by what George made us believe was mere luck. But was it really ? I do not think so. I believe that Jar Jar's "luck" when in danger was actually a unique way of using the force. A combination of the use of the force and the ancient martial art known as Drunken Fist Wushu. Okay please hang in there before thinking I'm full of nothing. If you are a true Star Wars fan, you know that George Lucas was inspired by ancient martial arts, which is why the Jedi are his version of samurai warriors/martial artists. What if he incorporated Drunken Fist arts into the character of Jar Jar, making him seem "drunk' or "clumsy" all the time in order to hide his true Force powers? Did I mention force powers? Let us remember the scene in The Phantom Menace when Jar Jar jumped into the Gungan lake to lead Obi and Qui-gon to the Gungan leader. If you rewatch that scene, you'll notice that Jar Jar's jump was very similar to the Jedi/Sith Force Jump. Just let that sink in. We also know that Jedi typically use hand gestures when using the Force to influence minds. Throughout the prequels, we can notice Jar Jar using disguised versions of of these gestures. Examples? : When Jar Jar waves his hands to Force-influence Padme into making him her representative. When Jar Jar waves his hands to Force-persuade the senate crowd into giving Palpatine emergency powers. You get the picture, hopefully. If you don't , these GIFs might help :

- Jar Jar using the force to become senator

- Jar Jar using the force to influence senate crowd

Why didn't George reveal Jar Jar's true identity in the prequels? Because fans hated Jar Jar ! He did not want to risk developing this plot twist at that time. Ahmed Best, who played Jar Jar, even confirmed that indeed George Lucas had to make some changes to the trilogy because of the backlash received from fans regarding Jar Jar. However, that does not mean that the idea was discarded for good. I could go on, but I don't intend to overwhelm you any further. It is clear to me and to those who believe in the Jar Jar Theory that Darth Plagueis effectively used the character of Jar Jar to hide his identity during the prequels. During the original trilogy, his name was not even mentioned. Recently we assumed that perhaps episode VII would confirm his death, but it didn't. So what happened to Jar Jar? Ultimately only George Lucas knows. Remember that George DID have an outline for the new trilogy, but Kathleen Kennedy and J.J Abrams decided not to follow it. However, Episodes 8 and 9 will not be directed by J.J Abrams, so there's a possibility that the next teams will use George Lucas' ideas, and if Jar Jar is in them, then rest assured that we will see Jar Jar Binks again, not in his current "Snoke" Mask, but in his original form, Darth Plagueis the Wise !

Courtesy: Lumpawarro (Reddit) , YouTube (Gnoggin)


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