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These days, and for quite a long time now, the only news we hear seems to be negative. This group of people hates this other group. This person's actions results in riots halfway across the nation. This celebrity died a very premature death. That celebrity did what?! Whether it be news from around the world, the country, or Hollywood, it's seems to be so negative. So when a celebrity makes the news, we just automatically assume that they've peed in a mop bucket or came in like a wrecking ball naked. Hardly ever to we get to hear what good things celebrities do, say for example, like quitting their multi-million dollar jobs to take care of, or help take care of, their children. Rarely does this make the news, simply because the shock value just isn't there. Here are 10 celebrities that did just that.

10. Cary Grant

A kid who grew up with a pretty difficult family, who came to be one of the most recognized names and faces in the history of Hollywood, Cary Grant starred in many famous movies. North By Northwest, Bringing Up Baby, and His Girl Friday, to name a few. The chemistry between him and Audrey Hepburn led to many movies starring the both of them. But in 1966, at the spry age of 62, fathered a child with Dyan Cannon, a daughter named Jennifer. His last movie, Walk Don't Run, would be that year. He would walk away from acting to spend more time with his daughter, especially after he and Cannon divorced. He passed away from a stroke in 1986, but he set a precedent that would be mirrored by many other actors in the years to come.

9. John Hughes

The man who brought the world Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science and Ferris Bueller's Day Off, not only made himself famous, but helped so many young actors get a boost. It didn't stop there; from his teen movies, he later moved on to Planes, Trains and Automobiles with Steve Martin and John Candy, and a little flick called Home Alone. He was a writer for movies from 1979 up until Drillbit Taylor in 2008, which was his last movie before his death in 2009. But as a director, his last movie was Curly Sue, in 2001. He stopped directing to focus on his family more, but never did stop doing what he loved, writing. In 2015, 6 years after his death, he received a credit in Vacation, the latest in the Griswold family vacation movies. He loved fatherhood, and REALLY loved grandfatherhood, up until the day he passed away from a heart attack while walking in New York.

8. Phoebe Cates

The name Phoebe Cates may not ring a bell with many, but the movie Fast Times At Ridgemont High certainly will. Phoebe starred as Linda Barrett, whose bikini (or bikini-less) scene in the movie set tongues wagging and made the day of so many teen boys. Or, if that movie isn't your style, chances are Gremlins 1 and 2 are! She was the main girl those as well. In 1989, seven years after Fast Times, she married another big name, Kevin Kline, and had two children with him. Another happy story on the side; they're still together! In 1994, she retired from acting to raise her family. In 2001, she came back for one movie, The Anniversary Party, as a favor to her cast-mate in Fast Times, Jennifer Jason Leigh, the director of the 2001 film. She starred alongside Kline and their two children in the movie. After that, Phoebe opened her own boutique, Blue Tree, in New York.

7. Michael Schoeffling

A product of John Hughes who didn't quite achieve the fame of other young actors in Hughes' movies, Michael starred opposite Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles. He won over teen girls everywhere, much like Phoebe Cates with her swimsuit, but he had been modelling long before that. After Sixteen Candles, he starred in a few more movies, including Mermaids, opposite Winona Ryder, but his last appearance would be in Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, in 1991. After that he decided to call it quits, for two reasons. He couldn't really find any more work in the industry, and he wanted to raise a family with his ex-model wife, who he's been married to for at least 24 years. He now makes furniture in a woodworking shop that he runs in Pennsylvania.

6. Rick Moranis

Rick Moranis. Where to even start with this guy. From Ghostbusters to Little Shop of Horrors, and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids back to Little Shop of Horrors, this guy is a legend. He was even hilarious as Barney Rubble. But, as we recently learned from Robin Williams, a hilarious outward appearance doesn't always mean things are coming up roses at home. He lost his wife to cancer in 1991, and continued to star in movies, but in 1997, his last installment of Honey, We Shrunk Something would be his last movie for quite a while. He would show back up for some voice-over work, which really, is something an actor can do over the phone nowadays, and never leave his family's side. He has been quoted as saying he's not exactly against coming out of retirement, but he really sees no need to. He's perfectly happy where he is, with his family.

5. Elizabeth Hurley

Unfortunately for Liz, who should be known for her movies, such as Passenger 57, Bedazzled, and Austin Power: The Spy Who Shagged Me, she's mostly known for the drama surrounding a certain ex-boyfriend and his prostitute. After surviving that, she split with Hugh Grant, but remained good friends, even having Hugh become her son's godfather when he was born. In 2002, Hurley started dating an Indian textile heir Arun Nayar, and wed him. After, they moved to Gloucestershire, where they lived and raised her son on an organic farm. Her quitting Hollywood lasted until about 2010, when the couple split up, and divorced the next June. She's had a few minor roles since then, the biggest being Queen Helena in The Royals.

4. Kellie Shanygne Jackson

In her heyday, she was known as Kellie Shanygne Williams, or if that doesn't ring a bell, Laura Lee Winslow! Kellie has starred in theater, commercials, movies, and TV shows, like a slightly popular one called Family Matters, as the crush of Steve Urkel. She started in theater as a child, as many actors and actresses do, and her dad actually helped her get the role of Laura Winslow by sending in a home video of her. She continued her career for a few years, but in the end, enjoys spending her time with her husband Hannibal Jackson, and their two children. She occasionally acts or does some public speaking, but her first love is now her real family, not a TV family. She probably realizes that no TV dad can replace Big Guy Winslow.

3. Dave Chappelle

It's hard not to remember the drama that ensued when Dave Chappelle dropped out of the limelight. One of the funniest guys of his time, his show, Chappelle's Show was a huge, hilarious hit. In 2005, midway through the third season, Dave abruptly quit and moved to South Africa. Rumors flew wild, from arguments over money with Comedy Central to him have a breakdown. In reality, he didn't really like the direction the show was going, and he wanted to focus more on raising his two sons and helping them grow, more than helping his bank account grow. A year or so after leaving for South Africa, he returned to the states, living in a farm in Ohio. And in 2013, he gradually made his way back into the stand-up routine.

2. Debra Winger

This star of An Officer and a Gentleman and Terms of Endearment (and as a Nurse Zombie Carrying a poodle in E.T. ...who knew?), Debra temporarily quit Hollywood in 1995, being disenchanted with the business and wanting to concentrate on raising her family. Six years later, she came back to work in Big Bad Love, starring with her then and still husband, Arliss Howard. She and her first husband, Timothy Hutton, had a son in 1987, who she raised during her hiatus from acting with her second husband, along with Arliss Howard's son. Debra isn't super busy these days, but still churns out a movie or TV appearance every now and then.

1. Candace Cameron Bure

Kirk Cameron's sister, but better known as D.J. Tanner from Full House, married NHL hockey player Valeri Bure in 1996. They are still married and have three kids. Candace and Kirk are very widely known for being active Christians, being part of philanthropic organizations, and Candace is a columnist for Christian Women Online Magazine. Near the end of her Full House gig, Dave Coulier, or Uncle Joey, a huge hockey fan, was in a celebrity hockey game. Candace went to watch, and Coulier introduced her to her future husband, Valeri. They wed in 1996, and she starred in several made-for-television movies around that time. After having kids, she took a fairly long break from television, only popping up a few times in the 2000's. In 2014, she appeared on Dancing with the Stars, got a gig on The View in 2015, and is now filming the much anticipated (by 80s kids, anyway) spinoff, Fuller House. But taking all those years off to help raise her family was huge, and was instrumental in her being the person she is today. No controversy, not steamy tabloid stories, just D.J. Tanner, only all grown up.


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