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As part of DC´s new special that aired on the CW tonight, the first official footage from the Wonder Woman solo film has arrived:

In the video Geoff Johns reveals what kickstarts the Wonder Woman plot: The Amazons (.com) are there to pro(minus the "s")tect men but they abandon their mission; Wonder Woman believes they should continue helping them and that starts her adventure. From here, we can guess details from the plot, for example, Diana will ask her mother to continue protecting the humans because of some terrible event (like WWI), her mother will refuse and prohibit her to go to their land but Diana will disobey and go anyway, there, she meets Steve Trevor and takes him to her land, where he will be rejected by Diana´s people. Eventually tehy will understand the importance of cooperation between everyone and Wonder Woman´s mother will be a more open-minded person.

Let´s just hope we get an appropriate version of Wonder Woman: A powerful person who is wise and not a bad and aggressive being just so the filmmakers can drive the point that she´s a strong woman. Unfortunately, there are hints that we are getting the unnecessarily agressive version from how she hops into her car after meeting Bruce Wayne and speeds away; the only thing missing from that was this line from her: "See? I´m a strong woman because I rev up my car to show dominance!" Hopefully that´s not how she´ll be portrayed in the upcoming films.

What do you think of the new Wonder Woman footage? Are you excited for her new film?


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