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So, just a week ago, the Oscars released their long awaited nominations, and if you were like me... you were probably counting the hours down before, getting your list of nominations out just to see if they would tally. When they finally announced them, I was pleasantly acceptable to most of them because well, some were obvious winners BUT there were the ones that I completely went, "WHAT?!". I let you repeat 'Mad Max' and 'The Revenant' countless times, but how could you have let these nominations pass? Sad.

Here's my list:

5. Jurassic World for Best VFX

Okay, so I'm unashamedly biased here, but I understand and will let it pass without a Best Picture nom but STILL it should have at least gotten a nominations for Visual Effects! Pffsh. You design your own dinosaurs next time.

4. See You again for Best Original Song

Oh come on you heartless people. </3 Paul Walker. No, but seriously, this song garnered over a billion views on YouTube and was/is a hit sensation. It has great depth to the song, a catchy melody and if you've watched the movie - you know it's a tear jerking moment. Sigh, but oh well.

3. Jacob Tremblay for Best Supporting Actor in Room

This was his "I'm seeing trees for the first time" look. So I don't know if it's because he was young that he was overlooked but I think he definitely deserved an Oscar nomination. In fact, in terms of character, I liked him a lot more than half of the people on the Best Supporting Actor list right now. He delivered such a good performance for a kid and had no problem drawing us into the tale of a boy whose never seen the world before. He was both cute and intense at the same time; that's something beyond his years.

2. Ridley Scott as Best Director for The Martian

Eventhough The Martian earned seven nominations, the title for Best Director was surprisingly left out for Mr Ridley Scott. I think The Martian may not have been the best movie of 2015 but for a movie that was so long awaited, and a movie that had its doubts, I thought Scott definitely delivered the film beautifully with a slap of humour. It had many worried, "Matt Damon lost...again?", "Two hours on ONE freaking planet?"...yeah, for a director who's able to bring to life such a 'stagnant' storyline, I thought he deserved a nomination. Well, at least he'll get a prize for listing himself as a Producer in the movie (if they win Best Picture that is...).

1. Alicia Vikander for Best Actress in Ex Machina

Just watch the movie. I can't even. Just watch it.

No, really, there's something so hauntingly beautiful about Vikander even when she's a robot; her movements, her facial expressions, it was everything that made up this star-studded character. Sadly, Ex Machina was not given the attention it needed, but if it did, I'm really sure they would have given her this nomination. Yes, I understand she was given the nom for her role in The Danish Girl, but really, that was secondary compared to the level of emotional connection she put in as an A.I. - sweet yet manipulative, robotic yet somewhat genuine. It made me crazy just trying to figure out what was happening throughout the movie, BECAUSE or Vikander.

That's it for me but here are some honorable mentions.

Emily Blunt for Best Actress in Sicario

Okay, I don't know why everybody was raving about Charlize Theron not getting a nomination... My bet was on Emily Blunt; both fierce, badass and also emotionally vulnerable.

The Good Dinosaur for Best Animated Feature

So I know this movie is Lion King 5 or something because of the allusions, but I thought it was so visually stimulating, unlike anything I've ever seen in an animation actually, that it should have gotten a nomination. There was something breathtaking about watching The Good Dinosaur; an emotional movie and a classic from Pixar. Granted, nothing as original as Inside Out but more bearable visually.




I know there's the whole 'racial' issue talk with Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith, but I'm sorry, I haven't watched Straight Outta Compton, Concussion, or Beasts of No Nation - so I can't really comment on that. I will soon, I guess.


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