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I'd rather watch them fall in love than die
Rhea Mathur


After watching the end of season 6 part a of Pretty Little Liars , I was sure that the show wouldn't be continued for a long, long time and that, when it did, it would just turn out to be a steaming pot of unrelated things. As much as I love PLL, things got a little redundant in season 6 when there just seem to be no end to the torture and cruelty the Liars faced which ended up looking extremely far fetched. After all, there has to come a point where it becomes hard to believe that teenagers are able to quickly overcome being tortured by just not talking about it.

Finally I. Marlene King was able to give the show a direction and instead of being extremely lame, the episodes 11 and 12 of season 6 surprised me with the well thought of plot and plausible futures of the Liars. The fact that not all the Liars had coped extremely well made it a little more realistic along with the unexpected proceeding in their love lives.

As much as I adore Toby and Spencer together as well as Caleb and Hanna, I was glad that the writer had broken off the couples and being realistic in stating that 5 years was too long a time to think that they'd still be together and madly in love after all that they'd been through. What I also loved was the fact that Hanna is now engaged to a whole new character which makes so much sense as after being locked in and tortured by A, all of them would want to escape from their past, including their boyfriends. Although it breaks my heart to not see Hanna and Caleb together it also increases my desire to continue watching the show especially to see how their new relationships turn out.

Emily's emotional turmoil also seems rather expected as her father's death adds a new twist to the intensity of all that she's been through. The last scene where Emily is at her father's tombstone weeping makes it easier for the audience to understand her story as well as sympathize with her making that a well crafted scene. The entrance of Sarah Harvey with a vengeful look on her face scaring off Emily created a lot of intrigue for the audience. Dre Davis' perfect acting as Sarah makes her seem extremely terrifying giving the show a little bit of an edge as well as improving her character.

Ezra's life seems a little too complicated to be true but the angle of Aria's new lover puts the things into perspective though it hurts us to see Ezra dwell over anyone but Aria. Hopefully his character will develop well through the season and Ian Harding will continue to look dashing as ever in pajamas. Here adding a very important point that everyone looks hot as hell in these 2 new episodes especially Troian Bellisario (Spencer) and Lucy Hale (Aria) and of course I must mention her extremely cute new boyfriend.

I hope the writers don't lose sight with the new complications and try to remain plausible with their proceedings. The Liars have definitely stepped up their game and have viewers captivated to watch the story unravel like they once were in season 3. *Waiting for another episode impatiently*

PS: To everyone out there hating on Sasha Pieterse due to her weight gain well,she's a girl not a mannequin, stop expecting every girl to have the same height, weight and figure. Her weight gain is due to hormonal problems but even if it wasn't I would still be here writing the same message because its her body and if she wants to look that way then please let's respect her. She's beautiful regardless <3


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