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In the past, the Warner Brothers advertising departments have had trouble reaching out with impactful and memorable work.

However, recent times show that all of this is slowly turning around. No longer relying on fan-loyalty to generate major buzz, the advertising for the Suicide Squad has really upped the ante.

Take a look:

The whole time watching the video I was just like:

Smeared lipstick and everything
Smeared lipstick and everything

This new trailer eloquently shows the madness behind this group's arc, while also not angering the fans who are saying too much of DC story-lines are being revealed in the promo-materials.

Admittedly I'm not a huge comic book fan with widespread knowledge of the Suicide Squad's storyline, but glimpses of normal looking Cara and toned down Margot strengthen the idea that this movie isn't going to be a Joker movie featuring his supporting cast.

The trailer hints at origin stories, and an amazing step up for David Ayer, and everyone from Warner Brothers in general.

Bet Tom Hardy regrets dropping out now
Bet Tom Hardy regrets dropping out now

The vibe and sheer beauty of this trailer is perhaps my most favourite part of it all. The music choice, (Bohemian Rhapsody) while somewhat lacking in energy, matches quite nicely to the personality displayed before us in this trailer. What's more, the bright fluidity of it all greatly contrasts other DC efforts that have come before, and while this movie has all the elements of being dark and edgy, the broodiness that usually accompanies such elements is replaced with a crazed energy that is hypnotizing. The colour scheme of the logo and the title brilliantly display this, the neon haziness and vandalism perfectly summing up the mindset of the Squad, and indeed the trailer itself.

What's more, the movie does indeed feel like an ensemble effort even if the footage did seem a bit Harley Quinn heavy. No actor/character outshone the other (except maybe Jared Leto's Joker). No actor seems to be pushing their actor over the edge, while also never falling behind the other Squad members. This is a promising changed, compared to other movies that have had multiple villains, each one crowding each other out of being memorable (I'm talking about you Spiderman).

The only setbacks I see through this trailer, is some of the delivery and writing in the dialogue of the Squad members, mainly Harley Quinn.

But this trailer has gone above the call of duty for what trailers should do. I'm interested, I'm intrigued, not too much was given away, yet alot of things were cohesively and excitingly introduced.

Let me know what you thought about the trailer and about the movie in general, in the comments below.


Bonus Points to all the people who caught the Joker's inside man early on in the trailer

Pointed out to me from Beyond the Trailers
Pointed out to me from Beyond the Trailers

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