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With the news of Alan Rickman's death haunting us this past week, stars of the Harry Potter franchise have been sharing their memories of the actor and the time they shared on set.

And amongst all of this, other stories have also emerged about some of the hilarious shenanigans that went on behind the scenes, including one about a notorious fart machine and now, this one divulged by none other than Ron Weasley.

As the story goes, when Alfonso Cuarón was directing Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban, he asked the three leading actors to complete an assignment for him -- writing an essay on their characters. In the spirit of Hermione, Emma Watson penned 16 pages like a real goody-two-shoes, while Daniel Radcliffe turned in a commendable one page contribution. And Rupert Grint? Well, he didn't bother doing his homework at all.

Now years later, Rupert has addressed the rumor that he failed to write the essay, revealing:

"Yeah. That is true, yeah."

Yet, before you think it was due to laziness, take note that the then 15-year-old actor had good reasons to skip the assignment. You see, as he was a couple of years older than Emma and Daniel, he was studying for his General Certificate of Secondary Education exams in England. Despite being simply too busy to put his mind to Cuarón's essay, thinking back, Rupert added:

"It’s quite Ron-ish not to do it. I think [Cuarón] kind of appreciated that."

Thankfully, his contribution to the movie was as good as everyone else's:

And speaking of other Ron-inspired shenanigans, Grint also shed light on the status of his infamous ice cream truck that he bought as soon as he got his driver's license as a teen. Asked whether he would ever wave the fine wagon farewell, he put our concerns to rest, saying:

"I'll never get rid of it."

This is despite the fact that it's an absolute nightmare to find a parking space for good ol' Mr. Whippy, especially when salivating passers-by flood the streets in the hope of a refreshing ice cream:

"They think, rightly, that you are a legitimate ice cream salesman. And they queue up and expect ice cream, which I don’t have."

Luckily, it seems that that's a price Rupert's willing to pay to make his ice cream van man dreams a solid reality.



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