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Ben Turner

Zac Efron recently proved that he is somewhat of a disaster artist by posting a somewhat insensitive tweet on Martin Luther King Day, mashing together his own Instagram success with the sociopolitical and historical legacy of civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The tweet that has since been deleted went as follows:

I’m grateful for a couple things today: Martin Luther King Jr & 10 million followers on [Instagram].

The tweet also contained two emojis: one of a raised fist and the other a pointing index finger, both were of a darker skin tone.

Social media did not let this one fall by the wayside, as many of Efron's followers felt hurt and uncomfortable by his not so well thought out message.

Zac did the better thing and took to social media and apologized.

"...So sorry."

Well there you go folks. Zac takes it back.

Do you accept his apology?


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