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The last year has been hard on Leonardo DiCaprio. He's thrown himself into icy depths, eaten raw bison liver, and slept on frozen lakes and inside animal carcasses. But, it looks like all the mad preparation for The Revenant could have paid off. After bagging a Golden Globe, the wildly dedicated actor seems right on track to finally bag that Oscar.

And, amongst all the Leo hype, a little gem from decades past has wormed its way to the surface of the Internet and it's completely and utterly adorable.

It's 1991, and a 16-year-old Leo has just joined the comedy TV series Growing Pains. The Academy Award nominee is giving one of his first ever interviews and, while he's undeniably cute as a button he hasn't quite got the whole interview thing nailed just yet.

During his interview, lil Leo is speaking freely, so freely in fact that a manager has to jump in to reprimand him from giving plot secrets away before they've even aired on TV!

"Excuse me, Leonardo, we don't want to reveal all that."

It's very sweet. Check it out for yourself:

You also get to hear a Romeo + Juliet era Leo talk about how he charms the ladies, and that's never a bad thing, right? ;)

Oh, how times have changed. That 16-year-old '90s kid with floppy hair is a far cry from the smooth talking, committed actor we see before us today. Plus, now he knows how to talk about his work without dropping all the spoilers in the first 2 seconds, which is always a bonus!

Source: ET, Uproxx


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